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05.04 Modern Science: Assessment

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A. A.

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of 05.04 Modern Science: Assessment

Digital 20th Century Time Capsule 5.04 Modern Science Bicycles Radio Internet Structure of DNA Bicycles were really popular in the early 1900s. While they are a form of entertainment, they are also a great form of transportation. This advancement caused tasks to get done at a faster rate. There are people even today that choose to ride a bicycle to go places. The first radio transmission happened in 1901. Since then, radios have been used for communication and entertainment purposes. There are many broadcasts that people listen to, a lot of them involving music. While that is for mass communication, radios could be used for one-on-one communication, too. The Internet is a major advancement in technology. It is used by billions of people worldwide. It is very useful because people can communicate with others from the comfort of their home. The Internet also offers many sources that are useful for business and education. DNA is the basic element of human genetics. It is in the shape of a double helix, as discovered by James Watson and Francis Crick in 1953. Because of this advance in biology, doctors were able to find remedies for many diseases. Cell Phones The technology for cell phones was invented in 1979. However, cell phones weren't that popular until the 1990s. Cell phones make it easy to call or send text messages to people who long distance. Some cell phones also have internet access. In this time capsule, I have placed some of the most important technologies that took place during the 20th century. I ranked them in order from what I think is the most important to the least important. I believe the structure of DNA is most important. Without knowing the structure, we probably would not have found ways to get rid of diseases. I think the Internet is the second most important because it is useful to almost everyone and usually helps tasks get done. It is also beneficial to someone's knowledge if they want to learn about something. Next, I believe radios are important even to this day. People have radios in their car so they can listen to music on their favorite broadcast as they are driving. Cell phones are the next most important because it is a source of entertainment and communication. Some cell phones have access to the Internet, which is very useful in some situations. Lastly, I think bicycles are important as well. Most people today use automobiles, since it is one of the fastest ways to travel. While it might not be the fastest way to get to somewhere, riding a bicycle is faster than walking. Riding a bicycle is a great way to get some exercise, too.
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