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Today's First Presentation

Wajahat Ali

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Psycholinguistics

It is one of the fundamental task of field of psycholinguistics to explain how all this has occurred. Writers will explain about how children learn Language. Psycholinguistics is interdisciplinary and is studied by people in a variety of fields, such as psychology, cognitive science, and linguistics. There are several subdivisions within psycholinguistics that are based on the components that make up human language.
All of us have language. But how did we learn to produce and understand speech? At birth we cannot speak, nor can we understand speech. developmental psycholinguistics studies children’s ability to learn language.
Psycholinguistics is the study of how humans learn language. Psycholinguistics includes the study of speech perception, the role of memory, concepts and other processes in language use, and how social and psychological factors affect the use of language. Empiricism
Collection of data
Psychologists Methodologies Associative chain theory
A sentence consists of a chain of associations between individual words in a sentence.
Discontinuous Constituents
George picked up the baby.
George picked the baby up.
Poverty of stimulus
John believes he is incompetent.
John believes him to be in competent. Later Psycholinguistics Early psycholinguistics speech production is a word by word process and it begins with a whole sentence.
Behaviorism and verbal behavior language model and error correction. The Historical Context Language Acquisition

It means how humans learn to comprehend and produce language. Language acquisition was acquired naturally since human completed by brain and speech organs. The acquisition occurs gradually trough a process. Production

It is how humans produce the language. Further more it explains the mental process to produce the language to be spoken. Production occurs because there is a stimulus that comes to our brain as a message, there the information will be processed to produce a respond. Comprehension

Comprehending language involves a variety of capacities, skills, processes, knowledge, and dispositions that are used to derive meaning from spoken, written, and signed language According to Clark and Clark (1977), Psycholinguistics scope is categorized into three major scopes :
Language Acquisition The Scope of Psycholinguistics Psycholinguistics tries to disperse the psychological processes that take place when someone says the sentences at the time he listens to communicate and how language is acquired by humans. Then theoretically the main goal is to find a psycholinguistic theory of language that is linguistically and psychologically acceptable to explain the nature of language and acquisitions. The Scope of Psycholinguistics Presenter’s Name Wajahat Ali What is Psycholinguistics? Scope
Nature of Psycholinguistics Psycholinguistics is the study of psychological and neurobiological factors that enable human to acquire, use, comprehend and produce language. Psycholinguistics covers the cognitive processes that make it possible to generate a grammatical and meaningful sentence out of vocabulary and grammatical structures, as well as the processes make it possible to understand utterances, words, text, etc. Conclusion Rationalism
Linguistics Cont. Methodologies Wernicke’s aphasia (p-7)
Before I was in the on here, I was over in the other one. My sister had the department in the other one. Language in aphasia Garden path sentences—
Sentences whose wording leads one to expect one meaning, but it turns out to be another one.
The horse raced past the barn fell. What happens when we comprehend a sentence? Psycholinguistics basically derives from two different study of sciences; they are psychology and linguistics. Psychology deals with human minds while linguistics deals with the study of language. So, we can conclude that psycholinguistics studies about the cognitive process when human use the language to communicate with others. The Scope of Psycholinguistics Language process and linguistic knowledge
What knowledge of language is needed for us to use language?
Tacit knowledge– how to perform
Explicit knowledge– process or mechanisms
What cognitive processes are involved in the ordinary use of language? The Scope of Psycholinguistics Psycholinguistics or Linguistics of psychology is the study of the psychological and neurological factors that enable humans to acquire, use and understand language. Psycholinguistics is interdisciplinary in nature and is studied by people in a variety of fields, such as psychology, cognitive science, and linguistics. Definition One year old baby-- When the mother leaves the room and comes back with child’s favorite doll, the child says “doll”.
When the mother is helping the child with lunch, she points at the milk and says “more”. Language in children Can you pass the salt?
Pass the salt. Indirect Request Phonology
Pragmatics Language Knowledge Thanks
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