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No description

Lizzie Farquhar

on 23 November 2013

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Transcript of Linked

View and manage your network
Find jobs
Basic Elements
To connect the world's professionals
Nathan Bird, Lizzie Farquhar, Nate Kresh, Sarah Laughon, Catie Pavilack
New LinkedIn Features
Measurement Metrics
Build and manage a living resume
Rich Media Feature
Volunteer Aspirations
LinkedIn Maps
LinkedIn Mobile

Compassion Tree Project
Warwick Forest
William & Mary in the UK
Not useful
More playful, less professional
Focusing on social media, not professional connection
Connect with professionals who may be looking to retire soon
Update WF LinkedIn
Connect with and create groups among people who are currently living there
Connect with policymakers - awareness
Updated AidData LinkedIn to be more specific about what they do, who they are
Get involved in groups focused on policy
Update LinkedIn page to increase consumer awareness about all offerings and services
Connect with potential donors
Connect with doctors to increase
Join in discussions about travel, medical tourism
Connect with students looking at graduate schools in the US
Join discussions about graduate programs, pros of coming to US for school, etc
How it works
Create an account

Build and manage your resume

Make connections through people, company, or location

Constantly update your resume
Launched May 5, 2003

Professional Social Media

225M users, 74M in US

178M monthly users

19 languages

Viadeo (55M) and XING (12M)
Recently launched CompanyPage
Analytics help companies identify updates that drive engagement
Other features include:
"How You Compare?"
Demographics data
Follower Sources
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