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F. Scott Fitzgerald

No description

Emily Maciolek

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Based on your prior knowledge, the movie trailer, and the covers of the book, what will this book be about?
F. Scott Fitzgerald

What was life like in America in the 1920s?
Women (rights/culture)
The Mob
The Lost Generation

A Quick Biography
The American Mafia
Banning the legal production and sale of alcohol did not mean that liquor was not being produced and sold
Prohibition: 1920-1933
The 18th Amendment
Only forbade the “manufacture, sale and transportation of intoxicating liquors”
Why ban alcohol?
"The Noble Experiment"
"National Curse"
Keep families together
Reduce crime & corruption
Improve health & hygiene!
Unintended consequences:
Negative impact on economy
Funded the mob (more on that next...)
Women in the 1920s
Changing gender norms/sexuality
New freedoms
Rejecting Victorian Ideals
Looking to party!
The Mafia sees the opening in the market and begins bootlegging
Profits skyrocket
Way more profitable than the typical mobster ways of earning money (extortion, gambling, prostitution)
Mafia families begin waging wars for control of the bootlegging market
The most famous incident...
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
And now for a corny, yet historically accurate, faux newscast to capture the essence of the event:
The Lost Generation
The Lost Generation
* The generation who came of age during World War I
* The term was used by Ernest Hemingway in the epigraph for his novel
The Sun Also Rises
("You are all a lost generation.")
* Lost = disoriented, wandering, directionless
* Remember, it wasn't "WWI" then, it was "The Great War" or "The war to end war"

World War I Disillusionment
"At every moment we are sprayed with clouds of earth and stone splinters. How many men are afraid. How many men are weak at the knees! ...we are no longer in a civilized world. One suffers and says nothing... At our feet, the wounded groan in a pool of blood. For hours these groans and supplications continue until they die before our eyes without anyone being able to help them."
--Henri Desagneux
A French Soldier's War Diary 1914-1918
*horrors of trench warfare (bodies of the dead sometimes used to shore up the trenches themselves)
*senselessness of war - many soldiers mutinied
*shell shock - those who come home have been changed by their experience of war
Fought for 19th amendment - ratified in 1920
Many supported prohibition

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