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Copy of VA

No Secrets Doc

Rob Wantling

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of VA

Adults 'There can be no secrets and no hiding place when it comes to exposing the abuse of vunerable adults ' The Governments White Paper -
'Modernising Social Services'
1998 Structure of this document.
Section 2 covers issues of definition.Sections 3, 4, 5 and 6 provide guidance about the protection from abuse of vulnerable adults by the creation of a multi-agency administrative framework (Section 3), the development of inter-agency policies and strategies (Sections 4 and 5), and the formulation of inter-agency operational procedures designed to implement those policies when instances of abuse or suspected abuse come to light (Section 6). Section 7 discusses the provision of broader guidance for staff, users, carers and members of the public. A vulnerable adult is anyone over the age of ? who is receiving or may be in need of ?? services by reason of ? or other ?, ? or ? and who is unable to take care or protect himself or herself against ? or ? 1. Who is a
Vulnerable Adult? 18

Community Care
Mental, Disability,
Age or Illness

Harm Or Exploitation. 2. Define ABUSE ? One-off or Repeated act
It may be:
Physical -
Verbal or
it may be an:
Act of neglect or
an Omission to act
it may be:
Persuasion to enter into a
Financial or Sexual transaction Abuse:

Hitting, slapping, pushing, kicking, misuse of medication, restraint, or inappropriate sanctions; Physical abuse, 1. Recognise a vulnerable adult

2. To define abuse

3. State the categories of abuse

4. Recognise the signs of abuse

5. Know what policy & procedures relate to Safeguarding

6. Know what to do if you suspect or witness abuse 3.Categories of abuse Physical
Emotional/PsychologicalFinancial Neglect
Professional 4. Recognise the signs of abuse
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