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The DaVinci Code

No description

Anthony Sacco

on 29 August 2012

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Transcript of The DaVinci Code

Robert Langdon, an expert in religious symbology, is called to The Lourve to examine the murder of Jacques Sauniere.

When he arrives, Robert discovers that the curator's body was arranged gruesomely to portray a code.

Soon after, a woman named Sophie Neveu arrives at the Lourve and claims that she cracked Jacques Sauniere's code.

Though she had'nt completely figured it out, Robert and Sophie still deciphered Sauniere's code.

Sophie then discovered a key behind the painting Madonna of the Rocks. There was an address inscribed on it.

They ask a cab driver to take them to the address that was on the key. It led to the Depository Bank of Zurich. is important They used the key to enter the building, and by entering a password they retrieved a lockbox. It contained a cryptex.

Sophie and Robert then took a truck and traveled to his friend Leigh Teabing's estate.

Leigh explains to Sophie that the code Jacques Sauniere left led to the whereabouts of the Holy Grail.

With the help of Mr. Teabing, they discover that the code to the cryptex is Sofia, a Greek word meaning wisdom.

When they opened the cryptex, they found another one inside of it with a clue.

The clue led the three of them to Temple Church in London. There, they were attacked by two men who were also searching for the grail. They took Leigh Teabing hostage and Robert and Sophie escaped.

After going to a religious database, Robert and Sophie discover that the clue leads to Sir Isaac Newton's tomb.

When they arrive, they find Teabing who holds them at gunpoint and demands the code to the cryptex. Robert already deciphered the code an emptied the cryptex, so he throws it up in the air.

As Leigh went to catch it, he dropped the gun and police came in to arrest him.

The second cryptex led Langdon and Neveau to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

There, Robert meets Sophie's grandmother and brother, who were supposedly dead.

When Langdon returns to Paris, he discovers that Sauniere's code really meant that the Holy Grail was buried beneath the inverted pyramid in the Louvre Summary About the Author Dan Brown was born in Exeter, New Hampshire. He had two siblings an enjoyed solving puzzles and riddles from a young age. He went to Amherst College where he took courses in writing and art history. Before writing the DaVinci Code, he released three unsuccessful books. When it was released, it became one of the best selling books of all time. It is estimated that Dan Brown made $250 million dollars from the DaVinci Code alone. He has released four books since including Deception Point, Digital Fortress, Angels ad Demons, and The Lost Symbol. Themes Deception Dedication Greed Teamwork Secrecy Recommendation The DaVinci Code is a worthwhile read and one of my all time favorite books. With carefully-crafted twists and turns, it will leave any reader speechless. It sheds a new light on the incredibly controversial topic of Mary Magdalene and Jesus that is both exciting and almost unbelievable. It challenges popular Christian beliefs an you'll never think of Christianity the same way again. Brown did an outstanding job of creating believable characters that are easy to connect to. The thrilling chase scenes and the amazing secrets they uncover make you want to read more and more. The only issue I had with the book is that oftentimes, the information and history showcased throughout the book is shrouded by all of the action and long "chase scenes". The DaVinci Code By Dan Brown By Matthew Sacco Favorite Paragraph As Teabing passed, Langdon looked him in the eye. "Only the worthy find the Grail, Leigh. You taught me that."
-Robert Langdon This is my favorite paragraph because Leigh Teabing had dedicated his entire life to finding the grail, only to realize that he was unworthy of finding it. He thought that he could obtain the Grail through deception, lies, and trickery; however it simply didn't work out as he had planned. In the end, Leigh wasn't worthy and Robert Langdon ultimately prevailed. The End
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