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My Self

No description

benedetta coggiatti

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of My Self

About Me...
My family My time line Hobbies My old dog My family My Mother and my
father. Hi my name is Benedetta... My cat is very beautiful is a type of winter cat with long fur. She is
called Smilla that is a
Sweden name, she is a
Norwegian cat. This dog was my favorit dog I'd ever had .
He was called Apace .
He is an bovaro del bernese dog. In my family we are in six, Me, my 2 sisters, my father and my mother. My mother was born in Viterbo. And the rest of my family in Rome Italy. My sisters I have 2 sisters, Caterina that has 21 years old and Vittoria that has 18 years old. Caterina would like to be an Lawyer, and Vittoria is not very sure about what she is going to do when she will be bigger. My Father is called Claudio and works as a lawyer, my mother is called Annalisa and works in a farm and produces oil, soaps, creams, shampoos ..... My cat 1991 my sister Caterina was born the 8th of july :-) 19th of August 1957 my father was born:-) 1963 the 8th of december my mother was born:-) 1994 the 8 November my sister Vittoria was born :-) And finally ME in the 2000 of 19th december I was born :-) My favorite holiday weekend with my family was at Miami (FL) In 2010 Family tree My father "Claudio" My mather "Annalisa" Caterina my sister Vittoria my sister Me!!!! Benedetta Benedetta: I like playing Tennis,Tan, sailing the most important one is skiing and horse riding.
Caterina: Playing Tennis, Tan, she like to talk and wathing TV.
Vittoria: Sailing,watching TV programs. My father: Claudio Barbara Gregorio my small step brother
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