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Civil engineer

No description

Cole Elford

on 10 July 2015

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Transcript of Civil engineer

Civil engineer
A civil engineer is an occupation where the worker uses engineering and design principles to build projects such as; roads bridges, airports, water and sewage systems and many more things.
This occupation has two possible pathways lets explore our options.
Look that's me as a grade 12 graduate
Did I revive an over 80% average?
going to a university
to receive, a bachelor,
and a possible major
of civil engineering
is a great choice that causes
me to have a great shot in the work
Did I receive grade twelve English,
and math.
The answer better be YES
The cost in university tuition varies
from yearly tuition of $9,180.96 to $11,302.56 plus any away from home living costs.
Do I have the Money?
Possible student loans, or sport scholarships could be available for me to pay for education.
No problem University is good
going to college is the
best viable option in this scenario,
colleges such as Humber, red river,
loyalist and many others offer civil engineering and technology
the average college program is a 3 year commitment
am I ready for 3 more years after high school before a career.
No problem college is good
a quick program at red river
lasting 32 months is available
but this form of education is not as
preparing for a future civil engineer.
an alternative directly into the work force option has ,me doing no post secondary education and being very unprepared I would need many connections.
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