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pediphobia prezi

No description

emily large

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of pediphobia prezi

Dolls which look human even though are not can still be terrifying. Halloween is a big thing with dolls. Some people are afraid of dolls beacuse of chucky and even pinochio. One of the best ways to overcome the fear is to simply admit your struggle to a trusted friend or family member and then seek the help of a therapist to assist you in coming to terms with the fear and how it can be managed Pediophobia Pediophobia is a common fear. Some people are afraid of china dolls or porcelain dolls they suffer from Pediophobia. When people are afraid of dolls Pediophobia is also called automatonophobia or a fear of humanoid figures. Pediophobia - fear of dolls. Some symptoms are:
- trembling
- large heart rate
- inability to speak or think clearly
- they panic
- breathlessness
- crying
- nausia Some movies that people get afraid of are The Raggedy Anne series, The Doll People, the Magic Nesting Doll, Chucky, and Pinocchio. It is unknown how many people suffer from this phobia. One treatment is Hypnotherapy . The most popular treatment for Pediophobia is Energy Psychology. - Quickly change your behaviors. - Active in your own recovery. - Thought patterns change, often very quickly. A few other treaments are:

- behavior therapy
- anti-anxiety medicine
- psychotherapy
- cognitive-behavioral therapy
- relaxation strategies
and medication With the Energy Psychology you can: And this is why I am afraid of dolls myself
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