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Día del Trabajo

No description

alleigh lint

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Día del Trabajo

First commemorated on May 1, 1923.
Large crowds with banners to promote workers.
Día del Trabajo
By: Alleigh Lint
May 1st
Last one day
For my project I'm focusing on Mexico.
lead to organized trades and labor unions.
Set fourth the 8 hour work days
What it is?
Celebrated as Dia Internacional Del Trabajo (International Labor Day)
Honors workers for their hard work.
A day a rest for workers as well as protest.
Usually banks, schools, government offices and many other business are closed.
Peacefully protest against issues that arise in a company they work for.
Similar to Labor Day in the United States.
September 1st
Activities include
-going out for coffee or a meal
Rallies, demonstrations, or speeches
Organized street marches
Carne Adobada- pork meat for tacos.
Chilaquiles- dish fried tortilla strips topped with spicy tomato sauce and cheese.
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