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Pirates- Anne Bonny

No description

Alyssia Boone

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Pirates- Anne Bonny

Anne Bonnie's life
By:Alyssia Boone

The Birth of Anne Bonny
Anne Falls in Love
Bonny and Rackham
Anne Bonny the Pirate

Anne proved to be an excellent pirate. She dressed like a man, fought, drank and swore like one

Some of these sailors testified against Anne Bonny at her trial.
Anne Bonny and Mary Read
The Capture of Bonny, Read and Rackham
By October of 1720, Rackham, Bonny, Read and the rest of the crew were infamous in the Caribbean.

When capture was imminent, only Anne and Mary fought against Barnet’s men.
Dad-Lawyer William Cormac
Mom-Maid Peg Brennan
Born in-County Cork, Ireland
Between 1697 and 1705. After Anne was born, William moved his family to South Carolina, where he bought a large plantation.

Young Anne was spirited and tough. Johnson reports that she once badly beat up a young man who had showed an interest in her, against her will.

Nevertheless, she fell for a penniless sailor named James Bonny.
The young couple set out for New Providence, where Anne's husband made a meager living turning in pirates for bounties.

She evidently lost all respect for James Bonny.

Anne soon became pregnant and went to Cuba to have the child.
Anne Bonny was born March 8, 1702
Later Life of Anne Bonny
Mary Read died in prison
Anne Bonny died at the age of 20 on April 25, 1782.

No one is sure of Anne Bonny's death.

Some say her father had connections with some people.

According to legend, Bonny (dressed as a man).

Read then confessed that she was a woman, too.
Anne Bonny
Mary Read
Anne Bonny & Mary Read
Anne Bonny
Anne Bonny -
-Mary Read
Anne Bonny's Baby Celia
Anne Bonny & James Bonny
Anne Bonny
William Cormac
Peg Brennan
Anne Bonny fights John Silver
John Silver
Wanted for Piracy
John Silver did not like Anne Bonny
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