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Kate Teed

on 21 July 2013

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Transcript of Stereotypes

By: Kate Teed
Advertisement Campaign
Advertisement Campaign
Music Video
Music Video
Crest 3D white Arctic Fresh Toothpaste
You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift
To Kill A Mockingbird
This advertisement campaign demonstrates many different common stereotypes.
Age: the center if this advertisement are two young people. Advertisers use young people because it makes the product more appealing. This is the age that Crest targets to buy their product.
Beauty: The main characters and focus of this advertisement are attractive people, this also makes the product more appealing . Also they make it seem like you have to have a good smile and be "attractive" to get someone to go on a date with you.
TV Program
TV Program
Social: this advertisement also shows a common stereotype that when women see someone they like, they picture their whole life with them, from there first date, to first kiss and then there wedding day and having there first child. And they haven't even meet this person. I find that this is a stereotype really popular for women because people think that we think everyone we see could be our future soul mate.
Racial: In this advertisement they use two "average" white citizens as the focus, most likely to make this scenario more "normal"
To Kill A Mockingbird
Age: some age stereo types that are apparent in this novel was the terrifying Boo Radley. Scout, Jem and Dill were all terrified of the old and scary Boo Radley, this is common for kids to be scared of adults that they find creepy.
Beauty: some beauty stereo type in to kill a mockingbird were Aunt Alexandra. she was an adult woman and thought that scout should start acting like one too. which ment speaking like a girl, dressing like a girl, acting like a girl and no more fighting. Even though this is not at all who Scout is, it is expected of her to act this way.
Racial:some racial stereo types that are shown are in the case of Tom Robinson. When a niggro man is accused of raping a white woman, the town goes crazy. Because of Toms race it would be very hard to prove him innocent, but Atticus was up for the challenge. The fact that Atticus Finch decieded to defend a black man didn't settle very well with the white community of maycomb.
Social: Maycomb wasn't an extremely rich town. The Finch's had enough money just to get by but their were some families that couldn't allow their kids to go to school because they had to stay home and work. They were very unclean because they never bathed and they were very uneducated
Modern Family
Modern Family
Modern Family is a comedy about basically about the so called "Modern Family". The show consists of relatives divided into 3 main families. The 3 families are the Pritchett's, the Dunphy's and the Tucker's/Pritchett's.
The Dunphy's
Age: I think that they try to make the Dunphy's the "normal" family in the show. They have an eldest daughter who has graduated high school, another daughter in highschool and a youngest son who is in elementry school. The parents are also the average parent age, so somewhere in their 40's.
Racial: The Dunphy's are supposed to be that perfectly normal modern family so they are all white americans. This is because that is what people think a perfectly normal family is.
social: There are two daughters in the show and they are close in age. One is made out to be popular, pretty, always has a boyfriend but is dumb. The other daughter is made out to be nerdy, plain, unpopular, plays the tuba and is extremely smart.
Beauty: Social ties in with beauty. They give many hints in the show that people see the oldest daughter as the pretty one and the ypungest as the ugly one. this is a very common stereotype because the oldest one is suppost to be dumb and the younger one is suppost to be smart.
The Pretchett's
Age: The Pritchett's are supposed to be a bit more of an odd family. The father in this family is the grandfather to the Dunphy's. So he married a women half his age with a son the same age of his grandson.
racial: He married a Columbian woman who has a very thick accent
beauty: His wife is a lot younger and attractive
social: The stereotype is that his wife is a "gold digger", so she only married him for his money, and that he only married her for her looks. This can be a really horrible thing because if you watch the show you will see that they are a good couple
The Tucker's/Pritchett's
Age:The Tucker's/Pritchett's are a family with two gays dads, and they have an adopted asian girl. The is very stereotypical for gay couples.
racial: the fact that their adopted girl is asian is a huge stereotype. That all gay couples have to have an asian child.
beauty: Another stereotype is the way that they dress. One is very casual and not very flashy,his partner on the other hand is very flamboyant and wears different colorful button up shirts with bright patterns.
Social: beauty is also connected to social. One of the partners is a lawyer and is serious and then the other partner is very flamboyant and has more of a unique personality
Age: All of the people in this video are in highschool and are in their teens
racial: this video doesn't have alot of racial diversity. Majority of all the characters were all white.
Social/Beauty: I think that the social and beauty stereotypes in this video are connected. In this video Taylor Swift played two different characters, one is the mean cheerleader and the other is a kind and shy but nerdy girl. There is a huge stereotype in the middle of this video. They make it seem like because taylors one character is a nerd, is smart and doesn't put all her attention towards her looks that she is a sincere and good person. Then then make Taylors other character looks like a cold, selfish and mean because she is popular, a cheerleader and very focused on looks. When in reality all of that is far from the truth. In the video they are basically saying i am a better person that you because i wear sneaker. Or that you are a bad person because you like to wear skirts and high heels.
Age: In Pocahontas they make Pocahontas seem like she is in her late teens or twenties and then she falls for John Smith how is most likely in his twenties, which is acceptable. In reality, Pocahontas was most likely a 12 or 13 year old girl.
Racial: In the film, the settlers referred to the Native Americans as "savages". They believed that they were better than the Native Americans because they had buildings, huge boats, gold and lots of things that the Natives didn't have. They judged the natives because of their skin colour and ways of living. There is a song that the settlers sing called " Savages". During this song, the settlers are shown digging up the ground looking for gold, and in this moment they look more like savages.
Beauty: The one female that they focus on in this movie was Pocahontas. I think that it is because she was believed to be the most beautiful. The explorer John Smith had seen many Native Americans, but when he saw Pocahontas something changed because he thought that she was beautiful. So the fact that she was beautiful made her better than the other Native Americans that he encountered and treated like savages.
Social: I think that Social Stereotypes in this movie also connect to the racial stereotypes. The natives and settlers had many different customs. The Native Americans thought that they were better than the settlers because they respected the land and were one with nature. The settlers thought that they were better than the Natives because they had lots of luxuries that they didn't have.
Age: Vogue aims to attract young people to read there magazine. They usually put people on their covers who are young or are popular with young people. This makes the magazine more desirable.
Racial: In vogue they are more racially diverse than other magazines. Although the majority of the magazine is still white. The fashion world is very specific and you have to have the right look and the right skin tone. This can have a very negative impact on people who read the magazine who are Asian, Native American, African American or any other race because it could make them feel ugly or insecure that magazines don't like to put them in their adds because they don't like their "look".
Beauty: Vogue only uses the top models and celebrities to be in their magazine. So it makes it very hard for the readers to live up to the expectations in the magazine. Vogue strives fro perfection. When they had Adele on the cover they did everything possible to hide her weight. Adele is a curvy women and they put her in a tight corset and did everything possible to make her look skinny. This has a very negative affect on people because they think that vogue should try and embrace her body instead of hiding it.
Social: Vogue is known for being oen of the best when it comes to fashion. When they get a celebrity to be on their covers they are only the best as well.
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