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Civil War Strengths and Weaknesses of Union and Confederacy

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Andrew Bunce

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Civil War Strengths and Weaknesses of Union and Confederacy

The confederacy had an abundance of food and trained officers. They also believed in fighting for their own nation and slavery to be right. Also a defensive war is much easier than attacking.
Confederacy Strengths
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Union Strengths



The Union had a bigger army obviously if there were 12 million more people in population. They also had the majority of factories and money which was essential in a war. The government supported the union as well. A bigger navy also proved to be useful during the war.
Civil War Strengths and Weaknesses of Union and Confederacy
Even though the Union had many strengths they also had big weaknesses including terrible leaders (at the beginning), most of the population didn't support the war, and they were attacking on enemy land that's unfamiliar and full of prepared forts and defenses.
Union Weaknesses
The Confederacy was not very prepared for this war, for they had little money and half of the railroads the union did. Also once the Union decided to end slavery as one of their main causes for fighting this war it drove the south's allies (France And England) away from the war. They also needed supplies from them that the Union's Navy would cease.
Confederacy Weaknesses
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