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Advocacy for School Librarians: A Call to Action

Northwest ISD School Librarians - 20 August 2014

Judi Moreillon

on 17 August 2014

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Transcript of Advocacy for School Librarians: A Call to Action

Advocacy for School Librarians:
A Call to Action
5 Roles
Instructional Partner
Information Specialist
Program Administrator
(AASL, 2009)
Instructional Partner
Testimonials from Practice
Testimonials from Preservice and First-Year Teachers
Work of Preservice School Librarians
“It’s not what people don’t know
but what they do know” (27)
that the library advocacy story will need to address.
(Re:Imagining Change)
"Deeper learning prepares students to
• know and master core academic content;
• think critically and solve complex problems;
• work collaboratively;
• communicate effectively; and
• be self-directed and able to incorporate feedback."
Washington Coalition for School Libraries
& Information Technology
What is the INVISIBLE...
that must be made VISIBLE?
What is advocacy?
Influencing outcomes
Making a claim supported by evidence
enlisting and recruiting others to take up the cause
Advocacy is a story well told!
Public Relations
Risk more than others think is
Care more than others think is
Dream more than others think is practical,
Expect more than others think is possible.
"School librarians targeted in budget crunch..."
"Assault on Texas Education..."
For the Northwest ISD School Librarians
by Judi Moreillon, 20 August 2014
AASL Infographic
Alliance for Excellent Education:
"A Time for Deeper Learning: Preparing Students for a Changing World” http://www.all4ed.org/files/DeeperLearning.pdf
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Complete References at: http://tinyurl.com/advocacy4slleaders-resources
Principals Know:
School Librarians Are the Heart of the School
Vision Statement
Branding - http://bit.ly/Vx0GhL
Meme/Slogan - http://bit.ly/1o2GUC3

Goals for Ourselves and Our Stakeholders:
Reinforce postive images
Counter/correct negative images
Roles in Advocacy
Community Leaders
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Other Photographs from the Personal Collection of Judi Moreillon
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