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Copy of How disease during the industrial Revolution effected the people and population

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Tom Waythe

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of How disease during the industrial Revolution effected the people and population

How disease effected the population during the industrial revolution There were many feared and deadly diseases during the Industrial Revolution These are the 2 most feared and deadly diseases... IT WAS CAUSED BY CONTAMINATION IN WATER.... AND COULD QUICKLY SPREAD... An Attack of Cholera was painful and sudden, the disease got its nickname "King Chlora" Industrial Britain was hit by an outbreak of cholera in 1831-32, 1848-49, 1854 and 1867...

15,000 people died in London in the 1848-49 outbreak and a total of 50% of people who got it died from the deadly disease... NO ONE... IT EFFECTED MOSTLY PEOPLE IN THE MORE POORER CITIES ALTHOUGH THE RICH DID NOT ESCAPE THE DISEASE.... Tuberculosis... Tuberculosis was the most deadly disease during the Revolution caused by contamination in the air from factories and pollution The disease caused a wasting of the body with the lungs being attacked. The lungs attempt to defend themselves by producing what are called tubercles. The disease causes these tubercles to become yellow and spongy and coughing fits causes them to be spat out by the sufferer. affected those who had been poorly fed and were under nourished. It also affected those who lived in dirty and damp homes. Believe to of killed ONE THIRD⅓ of the population who died (1800-1850) In conclusion about 30% of deaths in England during the century of the Industrial Revolution are attributed to disease... TUBERCULOSIS ENDED THE 2nd MOST LIVES DURING THE REVOLUTION NEXT TO HUNGER... ALL THESE DISEASES WERE ALL CAUSE BY THE REVOLUTION THE FILTH THE HUNGER... ALL CAUSED BY THE REVOLUTION THE DISEASE.. People believed if they ate unriped fruit it would prevent cholera But John Snow, a physician did not believe in this theory, He identified the source of the outbreak as the broad street water pump, waste from the factories had been dumped into the water. Later he had published a map showing how most cases of Cholera circled around the pump... John Snow John Snow's map identifying Cholera Getting rid of Cholera can be as simple as just re-hydrating yourself by drinking lots of fluids or in severe cases taking anti-biotics. But 200 years ago that was not an option. All of the other illness's during the Industrial Revolution were typhoid fever, small pox, cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, breathing disorters, asthma, and severe birth diffects. Cholera was feared by everyone
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