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Questions to Stretch & Challenge

No description

Stuart Jones

on 4 May 2016

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Transcript of Questions to Stretch & Challenge

Top Tips to Questioning

Plan for questioning
Start a lesson with a question
Differentiate the questions
Wait for...
...an answer
Ask open questions
Know the answer to your questions
Use challenging language
Use questions to develop collaborative work
Review the questions in the plenary session
Encourage students to ask each other questions

The pitfalls of questioning:

Asking too many closed questions

Short answer recall-based questions

Allowing insufficient time for response

Asking the same learners all the time

Lack of challenge

Evaluation/Create: Ability to make judgements about the information and create something new
Evaluate/Synthesis: Using information to move forward in a creative way
Analysis: Ability to investigate elements
of the information
Application: Demonstration of
practical relevance of information
Understand/Comprehension: Showing understanding of information recalled
Recall of factual information
sk the question:

Should be prepared in advance

Let the learners think about what you are asking them - give them suitable time to respond
(e.g. 3-5 seconds)

Choose a learner by name to answer question


Make eye contact and provide effective words, to praise and encourage, when the answer is provided

xpand & Explain the learner's answer:
Generate a dialogue, redirecting incorrect responses to other individuals or the group

At the start

to check prior knowledge

During the session to check learning

During the session to check that learners have all the information they need for an activity

At the end of the session to check what new learning they have acquired and what will need reinforcing next week


To interest, engage and challenge

To check on prior knowledge

To focus thinking on key concepts and issues

To assess learning

To encourage problem solving

To encourage critical thinking and curiosity
Questions to Stretch & Challenge
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