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The presentation of the Sinking of Titanic. -not done-

Jeanette Marasi

on 22 January 2013

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SUMMARIZE ON HOW THE TITANIC SANK DOWN 2 hours and 40 minutes is how long it took the Titanic to sink after hitting the iceberg. This is really fast because 6 compartments were split open. The weight of the water in the front compartments pulled the bow of the ship down. SUMMARIZE ON HOW THE TITANIC SANK DOWN SINKING OF TITANIC By: Jeanette Marasi RMS (Royal Mail Ship) Titanic was a British owned ship and the largest passengers ship of its time. White Star Line built the Titanic in Belfast, UK.
It was built at Harland and Wolff shipyard and was launched on May 31, 1910.
The design of the Titanic was created by Thomas Andrews, Lord Pirrie, and Alexander Carlisle. $7,500,000 is the completed ship cost in 1912. Today it would cost $400,000,000. The ship weight is 46, 329 tons (each tons is equal to 100 cubic ft).
Length= 882 ft, 9 inch (269 m)
Width= 92 ft, 6 inch (28 m)
They had room for 3,511 people. People went to Titanic for at least 3 different reasons.
1. Many of the wealthy people travel just for fun and for relaxing. Also, they wanted something to brag about in later years.
2. People on the second class basically just want to see different land and place for living.
3. People on the third class wanted to start a new life and they wanted to look for an opportunities and better place to live. -It costs £870 or $4,350 which is $50,000 today for first class (Palor suite).
-It costs £30 or $150 which is $1,724 today for first class (Berth).
-It costs £12 or $60 which is $690 today for second class.
-It costs £3-8 or $40 which is about $172 to $460 today for third class/low class. ("TITANIC: Voice from the Disaster.") ("Titanic Facts.") SUMMARIZE ON HOW THE TITANIC SANK DOWN >Titanic was left from South Hampton, England and made a stops in Cherbourg, France and Queenstown, Ireland and was headed to New York, US. >It was past midnight, April 15, 1912 a luxurious giant ship, said to be unsinkable, had been destroyed on her voyage by an iceberg. >This is the most famous shipwreck in history. >6 warnings of icebergs the Titanic received before collision. They were all ignored by the wireless operator who was preoccupied with transmitting passenger messages. ("Titanic, 100 Years Later.") On April 14, 1912, about 600 km miles south of Newfoundland, (which is now in province of Canada on Atlantic Ocean.) The Titanic hit an iceberg at 11:40 PM ship's time. Lookouts Frederick Fleet and Reginald Lee had been told to watch out for "small ice". Fleet spied something, he sounded a three bell alarm, and then phoned the bridge (the ship's command room at the front of the top deck.) "Iceberg right ahead." He said. Murdoch, First Officer aboard the Titanic, ordered a sharp turn, but a nine-hundred foot ship is not a speedboat and Titanic kept going toward and curled to the left but not fast enough. The iceberg and the ship met at the front right side of Titanic. First class passenger George Harder felt a "dull thump and rumbling, scraping noise". A wave of green foam came between the boilers and Titanic began to sank. ☸ ("Titanic, Voice from the Disaster") Families separated there, they shared long looks, hugs, kisses and final words. Children were thrown in. The bow sank beneath the ocean's surface. A wave of water washed some people overboard and sent others toward the back of the ship. The Titanic was equipped with enough lifeboats to rescue 53% of its passengers. Only 32% were saved because they were in a major hurry. The water temperature when Titanic sank down was only 28°F or -2°C. ("Titanic Facts" "Life Aboard the Titanic") It was around 2:20 AM, April 15, the Carpathia received the morse code of SOS Signal from Titanic. Carpathia was 93 km miles away from Titanic. The Carpathia raced around iceberg toward the Titanic's position and the crew prepared Carpathia to recover 22,000 survivors. Carpathia arrives at 4:10 AM. Out of the total 2,227 passengers and crew, only 705 people survived from the wreck then hundreds died in the freezing water. 3 of these died after being rescued by the Carpathia. Most of the survivors came from the 1st class passengers and the 3rd class passengers had the worst survival rate. The Strauses, John Jacob Astor, Thomas Andrews and Captain Smith were dead with fifty-two children from the 3rd class. The dead from the 1st class are embalmed and taken home for burial. Those from 3rd class and crew members are sewn up in heavy linen and buried at sea. It is because the weather was still really cold so the life saver team took as much bodies as they can. ("Life Aboard the Titanic") FUN FACTS ("Titanic! 100 Years Later") >Ballard found a bed frame, an old chandler off the Titanic's staircase, old wine bottle glasses, a shoe, a life jacket, and many more items. >Over 1,500 lifes are lost but only 306 of those bodies were picked up. >Mrs. Margaret Brown becomes known as the "Unsinkable Molly Brown" for taking command of lifeboat number 6 and demanding that women be allowed to row as well as men. >Archibald Gracie, one of the survivors wrote a book about his experience at the Titanic but before it was published, he died >The survivors resumed their lives, some successfully, some others not. >13 couples are honeymooning on the voyage. >74 years after it sank, Titanic was discovered on July 14th, 1986 by Robert Duane Ballard. THE TITANIC NOW ("Titanic (1997): A-") • Sloshing Water in the Sinking Euro Titanic." Doomstead Diner. N.p., n.d. Web. 18 Dec. 2012.
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and a youtube video from National Geography CITATION
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