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Taking Care of your Netbook

A quick guide for students

Janel Schafer

on 15 August 2011

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Transcript of Taking Care of your Netbook

How to Take Care of Your Netbook It is the students’ responsibility
to take good care of their netbooks
and to treat them correctly. Do not do anything to the netbook that will permanently alter it in any way. Dropping it onto a desk or the floor
can be damaging. Don’t fling it around. Don’t stack things on top of it.
Heavy objects should never be placed on
or stacked on top of the netbook.
This includes books, musical instruments,
sports equipment, etc. Don’t hold it by one corner. Instead use two hands. Users should not have food or drinks near netbooks.
Food and drink do not mix with electronic devices.
Liquids, even water, will cause corrosion on the electrical parts inside. If there are any problems or if netbook is damaged immediately report this to the homeroom teacher and complete a tech assistance form. Never “swap” or “share” netbooks with another student, friend, or family member. Each netbook is assigned to an individual student and names should be visible on each netbook. Students are responsible for what happens to their netbook. Any damage occurring when a netbook is loaned will fall upon the student to whom the netbook was assigned. Do not remove any serial numbers or identification placed on the netbook. Notify the school immediately if your netbook is missing. If the netbook is lost, the school district may require a parent conference with school personnel. If the netbook cannot be recovered, parents will be responsible for the reimbursement of the netbook. Reimbursement cost = $758.90. What if my netbook is lost? During the school day, students must have the netbook with them or stored in school lockers or designated storage carts.
Netbooks must never be left unattended.
Netbooks should not be left in classrooms or locker rooms.
Unattended netbooks will be picked up by faculty and taken to the vice principal’s office.
During lunch and gym, netbooks must be kept in lockers or designated storage carts. Use only the software you are given rights to by the network supervisor.
Do not download or install any software, shareware, or freeware.
All approved software installations will be performed by
District technology staff. The screen should be cleaned occasionally
with a soft, dry anti-static cloth or
with a screen cleaner designed specifically for
LCD type screens only.
The LCD screen is the most sensitive part
of the netbook. You may wish to buy a can of compressed air
to blow the dust out of your keyboard
or ports occasionally. The netbook should only be
cleaned with a soft dry cloth. NEVER use regular household cleaners. HANDLE
CARE With proper care you should be able to enjoy use of your laptop for the next three school years! REPORT
SAFE It's ↑ 2 U!
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