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What Nonprofits Can Learn from Public Radio

No description

Will Coley

on 24 December 2012

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Transcript of What Nonprofits Can Learn from Public Radio

by @WillColey What Nonprofits can Learn from Public Radio about Storytelling Interview Subject:
Microphone is less intimidating
Measure of confidentiality What's special about audio? What is a story? Glynn Washington
"Snap Judgement" Marshal Ganz
"Story of Self" Listener:
Participates with imagination
More intimate (headphones, voice)?
Easier to multitask while listening Producer:
Eye contact easier
= better interview
Easier to record or edit than video "First Love and 27 Other Firsts" by Whitney Jones Spoken Audio =
Radio talk shows
Radio stories
"Audio posts" Image from
"Radio: An Illustrated Guide"
by Abel & Glass Producing Storytelling Sharing Extra Recording
Equipment Editing [Audio] [Audio] Location, location, location: Need quiet! Good recording
= Proper mic
placement Audacity (free)
GarageBand (free)
Hindenberg ($95)
Logic ($200)
ProTools ($700) Connect as Podcast to iTunes Embed on
Pinterest Public Radio Exchange Listening Mobile & Apps $250 Image from "Radio: An Illustrated Guide" by Abel & Glass Write like
you talk! Big frontier for digital audio = the car.
2/3 of traditional radio listening occurs away from home, much of that in cars.
Increasingly people using cell phones to listen to online-only radio in their cars. $100 $150 $40 Total:
$540 bit.ly/audiostories will@aquifermedia.com Resources: 3 -4 inches
below mouth Get close! (not necessarily "Story of Us" or "Story of Now") What makes a good story? How can you make the best sounding story? How can you get others to listen to your stories? Dan Harmon,
Producer of "Community"
"Story Embryo" Ira Glass
"This American Life" Live
Demo iPhone & Android App Deadly Stream of Air workingnow.org Go to SoundCloud.com
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