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For Phil - evaluation early copy

let us talk about it at your convinience

Henryk Krol

on 18 October 2011

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Transcript of For Phil - evaluation early copy

Christian Concerts decisions via texting Festivals
Major Events Google
search engine Bookmarks
stickers Press
articles LED
billboards TV spots
and programs Flyers Step 1
Initiating contact with seekers Internet banners
and links on partnering portals Mobile phone
wap LfG version Posters Matching contacts
with e-coaches Registering all
contact information - one ID Tracking spiritual
progress Forum
platform Chat
platform Backup of all information for safety reasons E-mailing
to groups SMS
to groups Why Jesus? Alpha course OCH!
Christianity Explored ILI - Christian to
the core Outback family camps PP - The Truth Project Financial Peace University What CRM does? Follow-up modules Managing
e-coaches Connecting people
with churches FM Radio
promotion Bluetooth
messaging You tube
"hooks" Facebook,
Flicker promotion Recommending "next steps"
attractive growth tools Ministry management, data proccessing,
analysis of effectiveness,
conclusions and
recomendation of changes New follow-up modules added all the time Ultimate goal Results so far Radio CCM and Radio FEST are in top 3 local stations rank,
audience: 550,000 listeners; Internet radio listeners, daily 1750 people Evangelistic web pages daily visits: 2200 visits, 1700 new contacts Daily average number
of decisions: 210 people Daily average number of forms submitted asking
for follow-up: 20 people Number of LfG web visits since August 2008: 906,000 people Number of decisions since
August 2008: 97,762 Number of follow-up contact forms
since August 2008: 12,929 Number of people enrolled in Why Jesus?
e-learning course: 4,260 Number of people asking for contact with local fellowships that are spiritually vibrant and healthy: 970 141 trained e-coaches (volunteers) It's all about partnership, honest cooperation
and gras root level volunteer involvement Odkryj Radio audio/video resource center, thousands of preaching/teaching files on web Christian music - to encourage and inspire The ministry owns two radio stations:
Radio CCM and Radio FEST,
with 6 transmitters covering
the Silesian industrial district
in the south of Poland. The target audience are non-believers creating initial receptivity toward the things of God. A small bluetooth transmitter beams to everyone within a radius of 1,000 feet, who have open bluetooth connention on their mobile phone. A special invitation message appears, requesting contact information and pointing them to our decision making web page. This is especially useful during major events/festivals. Both text and images can be sent. Mobile phones have become the primary communication tool, with over 5 billion users Worldwide (!) We offer now a special LfG version, smaller in size, exclusively for mobile phones. During evangelistic Christian concerts performing artists display a banner with a mobile phone number to be used for text messaging. If someone in the audience wishes to give their life to Christ following the altar call they submit their contact information for follow up by our army of e-coaches located throughout the world. Commercial LCD billboards, located in city centers, offer unsold time slots at no cost to us, resulting in greater promotion and exposure to the ministry... Ocassionaly secular newspapers feature articles about our internet ministry, attracting the attention of many new seekers. Everything that is innovative and creative is immediately noticed by thousands on You Tube. Polish-only text can be a barrier, but good promotion brings increased traffic at very little cost. Facebook and social platform fan groups can help enormously. Still, this requires plenty of time... we use young people that are fans of cyberspace... Posters draw attention, reinforce other promotion, introduce partners The main "gateway" for most new contacts, explaining basic Christian concepts, French "Jesus net" license 5 weeks, 5 lessons, question driven coaching. A method that has worked effectively since the days of Jesus. Dutch license. The first attempt to have interested people in "real time", at home groups. Polish partners. A quality 10 week "real time" and Internet based e-learning course, very popular in Britain, British CE license. A Bible-based "school of practical life", for home groups and on the web as e-learning platform, US International Leadership Institute license/partnership Excellent, practical camps aimed at enriching parent/child and couples relationships, based on biblical principles and PRAYER. Organizes separate weekly meetings for men and women that challenge their progress and growth in the Kingdom. US partnership Excellent biblical Worldview course based on 12 contemporary subjects, for home group discussions, fills the need for more intelectually hungry new believers, US Focus on the Family partnership Initial talks with Dave Ramsay on using his material in Poland. Will be a breaktrough for Polish culture! We record in our professional Studio DR Polish Christian music, operate a record label, are sole importers of most of Christian records/DVDs Finances and accountability Basic operational costs of Radio and Studio are covered from commercial sales of advertisement time and products - self sustaining since 2009!!! All thanks to the Lord! Evangelistic projects financed from:
International donations
Polish Christians donations
Profits from own commercial operations More then 50% of cost of projects covered by volunteer free labour Our expectation is that after further development of the commercial infrastructure, post-2012 all existing operations and evangelistic projects will be fully supported from within Poland. "Polish" Board of 9 persons, meeting twice a year, auditing committee US based New Europe Communications board meeting once a month on Skype and physically twice a year. Weekly talks with US and British consultants/advisors All 4 entities have double entry accounting books, professional accountants, checked regularly by the Polish Revenue Office, etc. Monthly reports available on-line to the Boards with comprehensive financial and performance data. The Polish Leadership team actively seeks God's guidance and blessing, so having clean hands and pure hearts is an important Core Value. Pre-conditions:
Abiding in God and His Word
A heart for lost people 37 paid staff, some 200 volunteers, and an annual budget of nearly $2.5M. daily stream of new people who have made a serious committment
not action-based
chance to regularly evaluate effectiveness and implement changes Strengths A key feature for people entering through different "doors" and choosing different modules will be registering their initial ID, assigned at the time they first enter the "SzukajacBoga" system. This will enable tracking of their spiritual growth and help us customize an effective follow-up for them. Weakest part of mass events - poor follow up and few lasting results. We can now help organizers, it is no more just an "action" but long term involvement Recruiting candidates
Initial 7 hours training
2 x WJ? course taken
Personal mentoring
Prayer support cells
Prayer chain
Internal web forum and resource center
Regional meetings
National annual conference Nothing will substitute for a quality, person-to-person talk with mature counsellors. Still, realistically - it does not work on a large scale, for various reasons. Anonymity on the Internet for many is an essential option. It is not just a small group of leaders... there are hundreds of committed Christians who stand behind it, from all parts of Poland and the world. Krzysztof Budzisz and Radio CCM
awarded with the Bob Neff (Moody B.I) award in 2009 Different designs, over 100,000 distributed Buying Adwords campaigns in Google is the most effective method of bringing people to the Polish "Looking for God" web page. It costs some $1,500 - $2,000 a month, but brings immediate results. Many search key words are being tailored to reflect the best needs of vievers. Campus Crusade
for Christ Poland Banners and links from partner web pages attract additional traffic... It's all about partnership, honest cooperation
and grass roots volunteer involvement *Customer Relations Management All the glory to our Lord!!! Work best in churches - to invite believers to cooperation Decision opportunity: "Looking For God" web page Annual commercial revenue growth for last 3 years - 36% (based in independent nation-wide professional surveys) www.ccm.pl - for growth information center Accountability Widgets That people will discover new life in Jesus Christ, with their lives transformed, growing in discipleship, all in the context of a local fellowship that best supports their spiritual development. Philosophy Basics Know your audience and their needs
Address their needs in a way that connects
Offer multiple choice of options (courses)
Stay focused on the main goal - leading people to Christ
Prayer is the key!!! Immerse in prayer ONLY Jesus! The Saviour's approach TV is a very powerfultool. Good, informative programming brings record numbers to our web page! Step 2 - in the background - CRM* Step 4 - analyzing results Step 3 Why? Spiritual: Fulfilling the Great Commission, giving new life and hope to a lost world.
Political: Bringing order to a chaotic world (Ex. the Welsh revival - all bars went bankrupt).
Social: People finding meaning, purpose, supernatural love, fulfillment, wisdom, high morals. we want to do evangelism? Why FM Radio today? Gives natural access to secular audience with appropriate programming
Builds market recognition and credibility, has physical site, staff
Is a source of revenue and profits
At least 10 more years as mainstream. Outback - is about building, restoring and strengthening relationships. The weekend experience is designed to give parents and teens from age 12 a practical strategy for daily living, focusing on their relationship with God, their family, friends, church and community. CCM Media Projects All Projects, long and short term, support our Christian outreach strategy Direct ministry Infrastructure
development Projects like:
Internet LfG developmnet
Resource materials for various courses
CRM development
Partnership development
"For growth" Internet platforms
Training and encouraging Produce materials for ministry Generate revenue and profit Projects like:
Radio licensing fees
Equipmrnt and facilities upgrade
Renovation of Studio DR in Wisla
Adding video functionality
Small PA system for various trainings/workshops
A new "Creativity Training Center"
Adding new FM Radio stations Projects budget, 2010 - 2012:
3 x $600,000 Conduct ministry in dedicated professional capacity Brands* recognition: 3,000,000
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