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Chase Erica D'Andra Block2

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Chase Erica D'Andra Block2

What causes confusion more fear or facts?
We think that fear does because, if you are terrified or scared of something then you would be so worried about your fear and can't think straight! Transfixed (verb)- no movement, very still & stuck.
D'Andra was transfixed.

Intimidated (verb)- bothered, irritated or frightened.
Chase got very intimidated.

Defiant (adjective)- As if you will fight for your rights, not afraid & very outspoken, & bold.
Rosa Parks was defiant.

Idiosyncrasy (adjective)- not the same as one another, different in many ways.
Syndey proved that she was idiosyncrasy.

Menace (noun)- not good, dangerous & scary.
Erica tried not to be a menace.

Converging (verb)-coming together.
The class was converging in the gym. Plot Summary

The people on Maple Street heard the sound of a roar and saw a flash of light.

"Power" went out on Maple Street- cars, portable radio's, house and street lights, phones, and lawn mowers.

Pete Van Horn went to another street to see if their power was off.

Tommy doesn't want anyone to leave because he thinks the "monsters" don't want them to leave.

Goodmans car starts by itself.

Weird things happen on Maple Street-house lights come on and off, cars start by themselves and stop by themselves.

Everybody started to say Charlie knew what was going on.

They formed a mob and went to Goodman's house.
They all turned on Charlie,and Charlie got paranoid and shot Pete Van Horn.
Figure 1 & Figure 2 started a pattern.

Steve-sensible. Steve was the sensible person that lives on Maple Street. He was the man who tried to make people listen to him.
Charlie- He acts as if he has something to hide or that he might know something the others don't. To me he's suspicious & nervous. He isn't quiet at all infact he's very outspoken!

Pete Van Horn-quiet. He's not very suspicious because he's not really in the movie or the neighborhood.

What Do You Think Now?

My opinion has changed. At the beginning of the play I thought it was fear that confused you more not facts and now I think it is Facts because when you have a fact you know it's real but you don't know how it's real or why its real. Also when you have a fact you can never tell who has made it real or when it baecame real and you can never tell who to blame and that was the issue in the movie and the play they couldn't decide who to blame because they didn't know who it was.

Monsters Are Due On Maple Street. "Monsters are Due On Maple Street"by Ron Serling Holt, Rinehart and Winston.
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