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on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of THE WATER CYCLE


Hello Ladies and gentlemen today we bring you our presentation , THE WATER CYCLE. What we had learn is that the water cycle has 6 stages which are called Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Groundwater, Transpiration ,and Runoff. We concluded that the water cycle has changed everyday by it's state of matter. We collected our information by researching on line through esparzaclass.weebly.com.
Our Prior knowledge about the water cycle
What we know about the water cycle is that the water cycle is the constant movement of water in Earth. It has 6 stages and never ends , or begins at a particular stage.
Without one part of the Water cycle
"If there were to be missing one stage of the water cycle there would be no water cycle and no water cycle means no rain, and no rain means no grass ,and no grass means no food for the consumers, and no consumers means no carnivores , means no us."
How Does Water Change Each Day?
The Water Cycle And its Stages
The first stage is Evaporation in which water gets dried up and turns into water vapor.
The second stage is Condensation in which water vapor turns back into its liquid form,now called cloud droplets.
After condensation it's precipitation in which water is released by the clouds/ atmosphere, this happens because there is too much water in the clouds.

After precipitation comes groundwater, groundwater is when all of the water has infiltrated Earth's surface.
After groundwater is transpiration in which water from the plants , leaves , and stems evaporate into the atmosphere.
The last stage is Runoff in which water moves from land to an ocean
Water cycle starting at any stage
The water cycle can start at any stage because there is no start and no ending , so it can start at any stage .
Fun facts
- A standard water droplet contains 10 protons
-The existence of water is essential to earth
The best part about the water cycle is that it can start at any stage because it is always circling around
By: Dariana ,Michelle, Dayana , Carlos
watch video:
Websites that we used
If one part were to be missing, water wouldn't be renewable therefore the water cycle wouldn't be renewable.
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