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10 Min Prezi

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Roisin Lyder

on 18 August 2015

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Transcript of 10 Min Prezi

The PPP, Tuition Fees, and You

Tuition Fee

Pay More,
Get Less

Private Funding
Restoring corporate tax rates for Ontario back to 2009 levels would bring additional $2 billion in revenue
Why are tuition fees bad?
One year of national defense budget could pay for an entire decade of half priced tuition
Political Priorities
The Tax Justice network shows that the world's super elite hide more than $21 trillion in off shore tax havens.
2. debt and marginalization
What is the
Program Prioritization Process?

Program cuts have happened at
Guelph in the recent past

Resistance is both possible and useful!
Basic research and teaching undervalued compared to research which is more profitable
"a disproportionate share of new income has been used not to maintain quality, but to expand the central bureaucracy." - macleans
don't forget why...in order to run things like the BPP and PPP more admins are needed to run around seeking private funding etc.
•Universities are increasingly being
contracted out to perform the
research & development activities
of the private sector, by offering
public grants, their facilities and
the free labour of students.
- Most members are from high up in the private sector

- Have increased tuition fees each year since 2006 instead of lobbying government for more funding

1. inequality of access
3. quality of student experience
What can we do?
Join the Pay More, Get Less campaign!


Rankings to help guide $25.4 million dollars in cuts to programs and services on our campus.
Chronic Government Underfunding of Education
The Better Planet Project
The Kinross Gold Chair of Environmental

Loblaws Company Limited Chair in Sustainable Food Production
The Munk School of Global Affairs
The Scotiabank Learning Commons
Campbell's Soup Volunteer Centre
In Ontario, we pay more for education than in any other province in Canada
Despite this, we have some of the largest class sizes and worst student/faculty ratio
Dozens of countries around the world provide free post secondary education
- Organize to stop the cuts
- Work together against tuition fee hikes
- These steps will put enormous pressure on the government to step up its commitment to higher education
Students, workers
Faculty survey shows most profs think PPP is:
1) not transparent
2) will hurt the academic mission of the university
3) will negatively affect their college

1) Prioritization will mean cuts, layoffs, less diversity, and decreased quality
2) Parking > Class?
3) Small = not valuable?
4) Cuts are huge!
5) Are we leading Ontario down a path of privatization?

Campaign brought to you by the CSA, GSMC, OPIRG, CUPE 3913, and CUPE 1334.
Board of Governors
Tuition fees and Government Funding
Brought to you by the CSA, GSMC, OPIRG, CUPE 3913, and CUPE 1334.
Tuition Fees vs. Inflation
Administrative Bloat
President Vaccorino's salary: $395,000
Total salary for Administration
1996: $1.8 million
2009: $12.4 million
Salary increases for Vice Presidents from 1996 to 2009: %92.8
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