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Passport Travel Tutorial

Travel Tutorial

Jennifer Adam

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Passport Travel Tutorial

Germany (Deutschland)
Currency - Euro
1 Euro = 1.35 US dollar
What to do here
Language: Thai
Currency: Thai Baht (30 Baht is equal to 1 dollar)
Capital City: Bangkok (Krung Thep)
Learning Language by using Thai Commercial
Dam Noen Sa Duak Floating Market, Rachburi Province
Koh Ta Pu, Pun-nga Province
Sichol, Nakhonsrithammarach Province
Thai cuisine got influence from many cultures around the world.
Look Chup
American Fried Rice
Sweet Green Curry
Sri Choom Temple, Sukothai Province
German Cuisine
Mexican Pesos
Mexican Cuisine
Traveling to Mexico
Capital City - Berlin
Government - Parliamentary, Representative Democratic Republic,
Chancellor - Angela Merkel since 2005
Population - 80.3 million
Economy - 4th Largest in world by Gross Domestic Product
Language - German (Deutsch)
Getting Around
North - Hamburg
South - Munich
East - Berlin
West - Cologne
Center - Frankfurt am Main
Passport: An ASU Student's Travel Guide
By Spencer Elliott, Jennifer Adam and
May Cheevasittirungruang
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