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Fiona Wood - Spray On Skin By Ella Salter

Fiona Wood's Career and Spray On Skin's developement

Elizabeth Harris

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of Fiona Wood - Spray On Skin By Ella Salter

Fiona Wood - Spray On Skin
By Ella Salter

Professor Fiona Wood
Professor Fiona Wood is a respected and influential surgeon and researcher. She is a highly skilled plastic surgeon and a world leading burns specialist. Fiona has developed life saving research and technology in burns medicine. She started her medical career at St Thomas' Hospital Medical School in London where she discovered a passion for plastic surgery and she found that she wanted a career that combined research, innovation and surgery. While Fiona worked at the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London she developed an interest and experience in congenital issues such as cleft palate. Her curiosity was motivated by exposure to different forms of scaring. After Professor Wood was accepted for a position at the Queen Victoria Hospital in Sussex, she began her motivational dedication to burns medicine.
Spray On Skin Helps Burn Victims
Spray On Skin has become known to the public through it's use. This life changing discovery has helped rescue and enhance many lifes in events such as 2002 Bali Bombing where Professor Wood and her team assistied those who were burned. Fiona coordinated a significant operation that involved four operation theatres, 19 surgeons and 130 medical staff who worked with Professor Wood. They treated 28 patients in the aftermath of the Bali Bombings, saving and improving their lives dramatically.
Fiona Wood's Impact on Australia
Fiona Wood inventing Spray On Skin had a well-known positive impact on Australian Society. Growing sheets of cultured skin and then develope Spay On Skin allows skin grafts (if needed) to be applied earlier which reduces the risk of infection and results in much less scaring. Spray On Skin is being used all over the world and has saved and changed around 1000 peoples lives. In result of the creation of Spray On Skin there has been a 50% reduction in need for skin graft if first aid is applied at the time of the injury, 75% of patients return to normal life within six months and there has been a 50% reduction in the length of hospital stay over past 10 years. The Fiona Wood Foundation's aim is to continue to improve the quality of life for people who are victims of a burn injury. To reduce their pain and the physical, phychological and social trauma that they suffer. There aim is also to ultimately deliver scarless healing, in mind and bodie, to ensure the quality of the outcome is worth the pain of survival.
n Conclusion, Fiona Wood has changed Australia by saving and improving lives and Fiona has contributed like many others to make Australia a place to be proud of. She has helped boost Australia in their medical reputation and through all this has helped make Australia and the World a better place.
Fiona Wood's Move to Australia
When Professor Fiona Wood moved to Australia in 1987 she soon after sought out an inspirational plastic surgeon and one of the founders of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, Harold McComb. Professor McComb was a very influential person in Fiona Wood's life and the Fiona Wood Foundation was once called the McComb Foundation and it was established in 1999. Fiona finished her medical training in Australia, focusing on two areas - cleft palates and burns. It was only in the early 1900's that she decided to focus just on burns medicine and she became the Director of the Burns Service of Western Australia in 1991. Professor Wood has focused on the quality of the outcome for a survivor of a burn and she has believed that there is more to be done to ease scarless healing, in mind, body and spirit. Professor Wood created teams of people who shared her interest for knowledge and the translation of research into bedside treatments.
Development of Spray On Skin
Fiona Wood developed a skin culture lab which she co-founded with scientist Marie Stoner. Fiona and Marie recognised that tissue engineering technology had the potential to treat burns and in 1993 with support from a Telethon grant they began a skin culture facility. Their product now known as Spray On Skin evolved from confluent sheets of CEA to aerosol-delivered cell-clusters. Spray On Skin was Commercialised through Clinical Cell Culture Pty Ltd (or Avita Medical) and is a major breakthrough in the medical world. This technology has been used on more than 1000 patients across the world and in 2005 for their contribution to medical sciences in Auralia Professor Wood and Professor Stoner won the Clunies Ross Award in the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering.
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