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investigatory project

No description

Kristelle De Leon

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of investigatory project

Dalandan peel

as a candle

Can a dalandan peel be made out of a dalandan peel?
Is there a significant effect of using a candle out of a dalandan peel?


If a Dalandan peel can probably be made as a candle and is middle stem can be used to represent as its wick.
Is there any significant effect in using the said product.

Significance of the study:
For those people who can’t afford to buy candles or in surviving situations could use Dalandan peel.
People could also use it as a decoration inside the house.

Scope and limitation:
This is tested for the possibility of the dalandan peels as candles.

Problem of the study:
Cooking Oil
Chopping board

Investigatory project:
Slice the peel of the Dalandan
Hollow out the fruit using the spoon.
Fill the Dalandan peel with cooking oil.
Let it soak for 2-3 minutes.
Light the Dalandan's wick.
Orange as their base product
Used olive oil
Soak for only a minute
commercialize product
our made product
Dalandan as our base product
Used cooking oil
Soak for 2-3 minutes
1st trial
Sliced 1/4 of the Dalandan
Washed with water
Has a small size wick
Did not soak the oil for 2-3 minutes
2nd trial
Sliced 1/2 of the Dalandan
Not washed with water
Has a medium size wick
Soaked the oil for 2-3 minutes
In conclusion, Dalandan peel can be made as a candle instead of throwing it. But it requires a lot of patience because it is hard to make and the light won't last long.
If you were to conduct this kind of experiment, researcher suggest to use big fruits. you need to be patient because it takes time for the candle peel to be lighten up.
group 2
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