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Grade 3: Unit 09- Encyclopedia Brown the Boy Detective- 03

3rd lesson


on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Grade 3: Unit 09- Encyclopedia Brown the Boy Detective- 03

Welcome, officers.
There have been a
series of crimes.
We need your help!

I will give you what
information we have.
Please help us out and
solve the mysteries!

If you have any questions,
Officer Downey can help you!
Let's look at the first CASE!
The first case has three
I'm innocent!
I'm innocent!
B is guilty!
Only one suspect is telling the truth.
Two suspects are lying. One is guilty.
Who is the guilty person?
Good job, detectives!
The criminal, Pikachu, is now in prison!
The next case is a little gruesome.
A hiker found a skeleton!
Luckily, we found some suspects. We don't know which one is guilty though. Look at the EVIDENCE and tell us
who you think killed the person!
Suspect #1

Name: Billy Bob Bronto
Story: Was hiking after work.
Suspect #2

Name: Ryan Raptor
Story: Was camping with
his Apple Anti-fan club.
Suspect #3

Name: Timmy T-Rex
Story: Was drinking
too much soju, so he doesn't
remember anything.
Good job!

We'll make sure he
does hard time in jail!
Give me
my kongbap!
Now let's examine some famous historical mysteries.
I'll give you some information, and you write what you think happened on your paper.
The Antikythera Mechanism
2100 years old.
Discovered in the sea near Sicily.
Guess what it was used for!
Parthian Battery
Pottery style from the
years 224-640
Discovered near Baghdad.
Guess what it was used for.
A city in Mexico built around 2100
years ago.
Created by an unknown civilization
lost before the Aztecs.
One of the largest cities in the world,
with around 125,000 people.
What happened?
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