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The Beatles

Hannah and Lucy's prezi about the beatles for history

Hannah Saxby

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of The Beatles

by Hannah and Lucy The Beatles Who are The Beatles? The Beginning of The Beatles The Beatles recorded many songs, but although not all were number ones, more than 20 songs reached number one on the UK Chart, with some being number one ore than once. Number 1 Hits... One of the most well known Beatles song is.... HAAAAAHAAA The Beatles are the most
popular band of all time. They are said to be the most successful band of the 20th century The band was made up of four members, Paul Mcartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Richard Starkey. Their first single was released
on the 5th of October in 1962. It was called 'Love Me Do'. This single reached No. 17
in the UK Chart on the 27
of December. The Beatles recorded 240 songs in total. Their second single - Please Please Me, was released on the 11th of January in 1963. It reached number 2 on the UK chart. The Beatles finally scored a UK No. 1 on 2/5/1963 - From Me To You. Date of Birth:
George-24/2/1943 Band Roles:
John Lennon: Leader, songwriting, vocals and guitar
Paul Mcartney: Songwriting, vocals, guitar
George Harrison: Lead guitarist, vocals
Richard Starkey: Drummer Two of the Beatles band members still live today - Paul Mcartney and Ringo Starr.
John Lennon was shot dead on the 8th of December in 1980, by Mark David Chapman.
George Harrison died from Lung Cancer on the 29th December in 2001. John Lennon founded the band in 1958. He discovered Paul Mcartney, and was impressed by his song lyrics and ability to tune a guitar, and asked him to join the band. Paul introduced John to a schoolmate of his, George Harrison. He was next to join the band. The group finally decided on the Beatles
as their name They were joined by vocalist Stuart Sutcliffe and drummer Peter Best. In 1960, the Beatles toured in Hamburg. There they were met Richard Starkey (Ringo Starr), they were impressed with his talent, but he didn't join the band...yet
In Hamburg. the Beatles did their first studio work, as a backing band for singer Tony Sheridan Brian Epstein was invited to be their manager in November 1961. A 5-year management contract was signed by four members at then-drummer Pete Best's home on January 24, 1962. Brian Epstein made them wear suits and ties, classic shoes, and newer haircuts. They were advised to update their manners on stage and quit eating and drinking in public. On the 1st of January, 1962, The Beatles came to London and recorded fifteen songs at the Decca Records. They weren't hired, but the songs helped them out later In May that same year, Epstein cancelled their contract with Tony Sheridan and the German Label Brian Epstein was persistent in trying to sign a record deal for the Beatles, even after being rejected by every major record label in UK, like Columbia, Philips, Oriole, Decca, and Pye Pete Best John Lennon George Harrison Paul McCartney Stuart Sutcliffe A song from one of the Beatles demo tapes was heard by Parlophone's George Martin, and he liked it. On June 6th 1962, they passed George Martin's audition, all apart from Pete Best. George Martin recomended a change of drummer. The band agreed, and Brian Epstein fired Pete Best. They then decided to hire Ringo Starr as their band drummer Stuart Sutcliffe had previously left the band in 1961 so he could work on his career being an artist. He later died in April 1962 due to Cerebral hemorrhage The first single the Beatles recorded after being signed was Love Me Do. Their next single was Please Please Me, which scored Number 2 on the chart From me to you
She loves you
I want to hold your hand
Can't buy me love
Love me do
A hard day's night
I feel fine
Eight days a week
Ticket to ride
Day Tripper
We can work it out Paperback writer
Yellow submarine
Penny lane
All you need is love
Hello, Goodbye
Lady madonna
Hey jude
Get back
The ballad of john and yoko
Let it be
The long and winding road Yellow Submarine! The Death's of John Lennon and George
Harrison John Lennon died on 8th December 1980, aged only
40 years old. (sing along!!) John Lennon died on the 8th Decmber 1980
aged only 40 years old Thank you for watching our presentation about the Beatles We hope you enjoyed it John and his wife (yoko Ono) were
walking back to their luxury apartment
'The Dakota' in NewYork when inside the entrance
Mark David Chapman shot John 5 times in the back .
John was sadly confirmed dead in the Roosevelt Hospital. George Harrison died on the 29th
November 2001 aged 58. He died from lung cancer as
he was a heavy smoker. It was a very sad dayfor many Beatles fan's.
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