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Phil Robertson

No description

Robert Wanker

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Phil Robertson

By Robbie W.
Phil Robertson
Who is Phil Robertson?
Born April 24, 1946

Business owner of "Duck Commander"

Produces innovative duck calls

Made popular by T.V. show "Duck Dynasty"
Earlier Years
Born in Vivian Louisiana.

Only had one brother "Si Robertson"

Very poor family, survived off of gardening and hunting.

Even though they were poor Phil says the were always happy.
Attended Louisiana Tech on a football scholarship.

First-string quarterback ahead of Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw.

Graduated with a degree in physical education.

After college Phil was offered the chance to play professional football

He declined because it interfered with his hunting

Hunting was Phil's passion and eventually would help him form "Duck Commander"
Forming Duck Commander
As an avid duck hunter Phil was in the know about everything related to it.

He was unsatisfied with the duck calls he was using at the time and decided to experiment and make his own.

He got a patent for his call and in 1972 "Duck Commander" was ready for business
Duck Commander Today
Today Duck Commander has made millions off of its innovative duck calls.

The company is now lead by Phil's son Willie Robertson

It is also now counterparts with "Buck Commander"
Duck Dynasty
On March 21st the reality show aired its first episode

It is essentially a reality show made by "A&E" following the Robertson family

Since the show the family has become extremely popular and busy

Religion is a HUGE for not only Phil but the entire Robertson family

Phil has even begun preaching in multiple states, and has actually complained to A&E for cutting out parts of prayers and etc.

Phil married his wife Marsha Carroway (or "Kay") in 1966

Phil has one brother Si Robertson

He also has over 12 grandchildren and over 7 nieces and nephews!

Phil has already wrote one book called "Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander"

Its an autobiography talking about his childhood and making Duck Commander

Phil has also said he's in the process of writing another
In conclusion Phil Robertson now leads a very busy life after the creation of his company Duck Commander. He has made millions of dollars off of his invention but still likes to lead a simple life in the back woods of Louisiana.
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