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AP US HISTORY: Unit 5A-Struggling for Justice at Home and Abroad


Jack Vanderflught

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of AP US HISTORY: Unit 5A-Struggling for Justice at Home and Abroad

Unit 5A
Struggling for Justice at Home and Abroad The leading progressive organization advocating prohibition of liquor was . . . . ? Be able to match the following people with their muckraking focus:

David G. Phillips, Ida Tarbell, Lincoln Steffens, Ray Stannard Baker Most muckrakers believed that their primary function in the progressive attack on social ills was to . . .
*formulate a consistent philosophy of social reform.
*devise solutions to society's problems.
*make the public aware of social problems.
*link up with movements of social justice. The real heart of the progressive movement was the effort by reformers to . . .?
*preserve world peace.
*use the government as an agency of human welfare.
*ensure the Jeffersonian style of government.
*get the government off the backs of the people. The case of Lochner v. New York represented a setback for progressives and labor advocates because in its ruling, the Supreme Court declared what unconstitutional? The Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution was a key progressive reform designed to . . .
*enable the President to be elected directly by the people.
*guarantee the secret Australian ballot in all federal elections.
*prohibit child labor.
*make the Senate millionaire's club directly elected by the people. Progressives used which of the following to advocate their goals? (hint: they used all but one of these)
direct election of US senators
initiative The Triangle Shirtwaist fire led many states to pass these types of laws? In Muller v. Oregon, the Supreme Court upheld the principle promoted by progressives like Florence Kelley and Louis Brandeis that. . . ?
*child labor under that age of fourteen should be prohibited.
*women's factory labor should be limited to ten hours a day five days a week.
*female workers should received equal pay for equal work.
*female workers required special rules and protection on the job. While president, Theodore Roosevelt did this to the power of the presidency? According to the text, Teddy Roosevelt's most important and enduring achievement may have been . . . ? (hint: not everyone else necessarily agrees.)
*building the Panama Canal.
*busting corporate monopolies.
*conserving American resources and protecting the environment.
*protecting the American consumer. Theodore Roosevelt labeled his reform proposals as the . . . ? Teddy Roosevelt believed that large corporate trusts
*had to all be busted up if the American economy were to thrive.
*were essential to American national power and economic growth.
*were bad only if they acted as monopolies against the public interest.
*should be balanced by strong labor unions. Passage of the Federal Meat Inspection Act was inspired by the publication of this writing? Know each of the followings political parties in the 1912 election:

Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Eugene V. Debs This president favored small enterprise, entrepreneurship and the busting of monopolies. Who is this New Freedom president? When Jane Addams placed Teddy Roosevelt's name in nomination for the presidency in 1912, it
*demonstrated that the Republican Party supported woman suffrage.
*weakened Roosevelt by linking him to Addam's pacifism.
*symbolized the rising political status of women and the movement for social justice.
*ensured Roosevelt's defeat by Taft. Teddy Roosevelt ran for the presidency in 1912 because . . . . ? President Taft's foreign policy was dubbed . . . ? The Federal Trade Commission was established in 1914 to address all of these practices EXCEPT. . .?
*outlawing the mislabeling or adulterating of products.
*sale of stocks without full disclosure of business's organization and profit.
*outlawing unfair business competition and bribery.
*prohibiting false and misleading advertising. This outlawed corporate interlocking directorates and price discrimination against different purchasers. What is the name of the act? As a politician, Wilson was . . . ?
*unskilled as a public speaker.
*a showman.
*a man with the common touch.
*inflexible and stubborn. The Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution permitted Congress to enact this? :( The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 guaranteed a substantial measure of public control over the American banking and currency system through the great authority given to this presidentially appointed group? Wilson's foreign policy is best described as . . . ?
*isolationist In the Sussex Pledge, Germany promised . . . . ? What were the alliances of World War I? Most Americans wanted to do this when World War broke out in Europe in 1914? The Americans traded a great deal with this alliance during World War I? In adopting the Nineteenth Amendment, giving women the right to vote, the US was
*taking a progressive step considerably ahead of other nations.
*also asserting that women had a right to equal pay and to child care services.
*following the path already taken by other wartime governments like Britain and Germany.
*fulfilling one of Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points. During World War I, civil liberties in America were . . . ?
*threatened by Wilson but protected by the courts.
*limited, but no one was actually imprisoned for his or her convictions.
*violated mostly in the western US.
*severely damaged by the pressures for loyalty and conformity. Know Wilson's Fourteen Points (so you can tell which choice doesn't fit) The US stated that we entered World War I to do this . . .? (think quote) The Zimmerman Note included a proposed alliance between these two countries? The Germans gained an immense military advantage in the first months of 1918 because
*their brilliant generals Hindenburg and Ludendorff has taken effective control of the German government.
*they had seized the two key strategic points of Verdun and Ypres.
*the Bolsheviks took Russia out of the war allowing German troops to move to the western front.
*the Austrian army was able to switch from the Italian front to the western front. Women's participation in World War I contributed greatly to the fact that they received this? Most of the money raised to finance World War I came from ?
*income taxes
*sale of armaments to Britain and France
*loans from the American public The movement of tens of thousands of Southern blacks north during World War I resulted in
*better race relations in the South.
*racial violence in the North.
*fewer blacks willing to be used as strikebreakers.
*a new black middle class. Who was the supreme military commander during World War I for the Americans? Disillusioned by war and peace, Americans in the 1920s did all of the following EXCEPT
*restrict immigration.
*shun diplomatic commitments to foreign countries.
*struggle to achieve economic prosperity.
*condemn un-American life-styles.
*denounce radical foreign ideas. The US ' main contribution to the Allied victory in World War I included all of the following EXCEPT
*battlefield victories.
*financial credit. What was Wilson's ultimate goal at the Paris Peace Conference? What was the most controversial aspect of the Treaty of Versailles from the US perspective? (And, a big reason it is never approved here.) Which of these is not like the other? (Which one does not relate?)

John Scopes-Clarence Darrow-Frederick Taylor-Wiliam Jennings Bryan-Dayton, Tennessee Which of these cities had the greatest lawlessness and gangsterism in the 1920s?
New Orleans
Las Vegas
Los Angeles
Dallas Center Immigration restrictions of the 1920s were introduced as a result of . . . . ? What group advocated anti-Catholicism, repression of pacifists, opposition to birth control, fundamentalist religion, and anti-black? What is A. Mitchell Palmer know for in the 1920s? What inventor and engineer was best know for his promotion of industrial efficiency and scientific management? Henry Ford's most distinctive contribution to the automobile industry was . . . ?
*installment credit buying of cars
*the internal combustion engine
*design changes that improved speed
*standardized, inexpensive cars Among the major figures promoted by mass media image makers and the new sports industry in the 1920s were ________________ and ____________________. (Think boxing and baseball) Along with prosperity in the 1920s came ____________ ________________. (hint: much like our recent economic situation starting in the 90s) What was the result of the 1925 Scopes Trial? (court decision) Who wrote the following American novels?
The Sun Also Rises
Main Street
The Great Gasby
The Sound and the Fury What American woman advocated for birth control during this time period? The 1920 census revealed that for the first time, most
*men worked in manufacturing.
*adult women were employed outside the home.
*Americans lived in cities.
*American lived in trans-Mississippi West.
*families had fewer than four children. Automobiles, radios, and motion pictures
*were less popular than had been anticipated.
*had little impact on tradition life-styles and values.
*strengthened American family life.
*contributed to the standardization of American life.
*were for the most part too expensive for ordinary working families. The automobile revolution resulted in all of the following EXCEPT
*altered youthful sexual behavior.
*a loss of population in less attractive states.
*the spread of suburbs.
*the increased dependence of women on men.
* the consolidation of schools. Buying stock on margin meant purchasing
*it on credit with only a small down payment.
*marginal stock.
*little-known stock.
*on a few shares of stock.
*inexpensive stock.
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