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Franco Caramia

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Franco Caramia GVL in PeterMac Market Research? 27 Laboratories
12 Tumor Streams
2 Main Bioinformatics Pipelines
~40 Galaxy users
Ad-hoc projects Reproduce Pipelines 1. Familial Create and optimize in-house tools - Adhoc projects can lead to reusable tools
- Amplicon Alignment improvements and Galaxy integration
- Contra in Galaxy
- Variant Callers Consensus in Galaxy Integrating new tools Genome-Music Promoting Bioinformatics Networking Lots of data!
New tools!
New needs! Steps? Allow researchers to reproduce pipeline steps Somatic Sniper VarScan MuTect JointSnvMix PeterMac: Primer Design Replaced by custom aligner 3. Amplicon alignment 2. Somatic In-house script Tools:
QC Check
GATK Researchers are never satisfied with default outputs Tools:
QC Check
GATK Variant Callers Custom Amplicon Alignment Demos
In-house script Bismark Optimus Primer http://op.pgx.ca/ Coming to Galaxy!
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