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Civic Engagment

No description

Vanessa Soriano

on 22 March 2015

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Transcript of Civic Engagment

Civic Engagement
Personal Growth
I feel that I should volunteer more in my community because every organization could always use an extra hand. If I am going to be in the Medical Field I will have to associate with cancer and the issues that string along and I will need to see the resources that are available for everyone. My grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer so I am aware of this organization. Going into Nursing also includes a lot of volunteer hours which include organizations that need support.
Challenges and Rewards
It was a pretty windy Friday morning, as I was helping set up the the tents at a station the wind would fly them away. And were so many towels that we all had to set up, it felt like it was going to be never ending. As for the following Sunday, it was a cold early morning. I did not have any gloves on while putting the tents away and my fingers were freezing but I kept helping people out in the cold.
Academic Learning
Impact on Community
My jobs, on the two days that I volunteered, were to help set up and help take down anything needed. I helped roll a lot of towels so when people took shower they were ready. I set up tents and took them down. I helped carry a variety of luggage to big trucks. I helped set some center pieces for a lot of tables in a huge tent.

My value to this organization on those volunteer times was Support and Teamwork. I was extra support for section that did not have any. I had to work with other individuals setting up and taking down stations.
Susan G. Komen 3-Day
Hopefully everyone understands the importance of this walk and the impact it makes on everyone.

I volunteered on Friday, November 7 from 9am to 1pm and on Sunday, November 11 from 5am to 7am.
Reflection Video
Created By: Vanessa Soriano
Knowing that I helped set up for the 3-Day Walk and making sure everything was in place was gratifying. People thanking me was very rewarding as I helped take their luggage to the assigned trucks that were at a distant location from where they were. It felt great knowing I was able to be a part of something big.
"Breast cancer is the MOST COMMON cancer among women WORLDWIDE"
-American Cancer Society
"Each year, approximately 70 thousand men and women age 15 to 39 are diagnosed with cancer in the United States."
-American Cancer Society
Through this service I have learned a lot about teamwork, dedication, courage, and hope. I try to interpret what I learn inside of my course into what I am doing outside and what I learned outside of my course I try to interpret it into the course I am taking. At the event I held part in making sure that every section was able to be helped. I noticed that every thing mattered because it was going to be a part of a huge event. I remembered that in English class we build up our essays. The essays have paragraphs(or sections) and all parts of those sections are important because if its not set up then they essay is not ready. If I didn't help set up some tents then that the event wouldn't have been ready.
Service Learning
1: Click PLAY Here
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Taking a photo with the volunteer coordinator.
Center piece that I helped set up on many tables
A beautiful sunrise on a early Sunday morning
[The Selfie]

Some of the white tents that I helped set up
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