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Mercy by the Sea

Fundraising Presentation

Debra Desmarais

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Mercy by the Sea

65 year old stewardship poised on the forefront of the most important societal change.
Where one finds serenity on the Sound
The garden labyrinth offers a place for reflection
and contemplation.
The greenhouse offers a place to get your hands dirty...
...or stay overnight with us in our beautiful Seascape home.
Sisters of Mercy host homeless men from Bridgeport who were given a much needed respite. Mercy by the Sea offered beds to rest, delicious meals and a quiet landscape to enjoy.
Thank you for helping us continue the journey at Mercy by the Sea.
The ancient weeping beech proudly stands to welcome you to a place of serenity, an escape from your hectic life.
Mercy by the Sea calls you to a new perspective.
...a place to take in the view or just sit and relax...
Invitation to the Second Half of Life
Emerging Leadership
Sustainable Food Evening
School of Spirituality
Spiritual Retreats
Directed Retreats
Capital Improvements:
Kitchen Equipment:
Expansion of Programs:
Continuing the stewardship requires the support of others to assure the legacy continues.
My personal experience with Mercy by the Sea
"From my first overnight retreat, as a junior in high school, to my most recent healing retreat after the Newtown shooting, Mercy by the Sea and the amazing team of people there, have been an essential part of my healing and spiritual journey."
Personal Growth & Transformation
"For me Mercy by the Sea is a safe place. I come from a history of chaos and challenge. It has not been easy to find my way to trust. Here I have learned the basics of trust and my relationship with God has grown."
"In the midst of our busy and fast-paced lives, Mercy by the Sea is a space encouraging, support and celebrating the brilliance of living in the present moment."
"At the midpoint of my life and feeling lost, Mercy by the Sea offered a program that changed my whole outlook. I am now excited about what lies ahead – my life is changed thanks to Mercy by the Sea and the staff."
Health & Wellness
"The Tai Chi class has had a profound effect on my well being. Thank you for offering these classes at Mercy by the Sea."
Shalom House Renovation $350,000
Equipment Updates $50,000
Or in our newly renovated Main house.
Average Expenses & Revenue
Average Expenses - $773,906
Average Revenue - $713,814
Mercy by the Sea
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