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Hamlet's Downfall

No description

enrique guerrero

on 23 May 2011

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Transcript of Hamlet's Downfall

The Tragical History of Hamlet By: William Shakespeare Presentation By: Enrique Guerrero Act One Hamlet feels depressed and enraged after his father's death, and Mother's sudden marriage with his uncle. He wishes he could die, but doesn't because suicide is against God's will and he is afraid to go to hell forever. Act Two Act Three Act Five Act Four After his father's apparition and request for revenge, he is astonished about the truth and determined to avenge his father by killing his uncle. Hamlet Acts as if he's crazy in order to confuse other characters. His true feelings are expressed after the actor's performance and he is alone. He questions why he hasn't acted on his father's demand for revenge and begins doubting the ghost's honesty, he thinks it might be the devil playing tricks with his mind. He will use the play as a way of making sure that the ghost is trustworthy and that Claudius is guilty. Hamlet wishes he could sleep(die) and forget about the worries of the world, but what happens in the dreams(afterlife) terrifies him. He feels that having concience of the afterlife makes people think twice about taking action and ending the pains of life by suicide. Hamlet's plan works and Claudiu's guilt is revealed, and the ghost is truthful. Hamlet sees Claudius praying and now feels that killing Claudius is not worth it, since killing him would send him to heaven and that would be a reward instead of punishment. After murdering Polonius, which according to Hamlet was well deserved, He feels ashamed that his mother was blind to see the difference between his father and uncle. He sees his father as a powerful king that was created by all the gods. His uncle is described as an incestuous murderer that is nothing but evil. Hamlet keeps playing with other people's minds. He is enraged that Rosencrantz and Guildenstern have tried to use him in order to please Claudius instead of helping him. Being informed that he will be taken to England, and the arrival of Fortinbras and his army, He starts to think that everything is against him. His thoughts express that God made humans different because he wants them to think, no just be thoughtless beasts. He wonders why he still can't act if he has the will and strength. He begins to doubt that his fight is worth it. Hamlet is mad that the grave makers are playing around with dead bodies, He sees a skull that he recognizes. Yorik's was a jester that Hamlet cared for, and he felt disgusted watching him dead. He finds out that Ophelia is dead and he is in her funeral. Hamlet is angered seeing Laertes weeps more for Ophelia than him because he believes that he loved Ophelia and that nobody could love her more than him. After finding out that King Claudius sent him to England so that the King of England could kill him, and coming back to Denmark, Hamlet feels like faith is on his side and accepts a duel with Laertes. Hamlet asks for forgiveness before the duel, because he knows that his actions (murder of Polonius) have hurt others. After the duel, Laertes dies, Gertrude dies, Hamlet finally kills Claudius, and he is about to die. He wishes he had more time alive but feels satisfied with what he did. He wants Horatio to tell his story and gives Fortinbras his vote to be king. The End Thank you for your time
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