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Sarah Chae

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of 1970's

What type music was popular during that time period ?
Type of music :
Disco / Dance Music

Soul , R&B, and rock
What venue was used for entrainment ?
Entertainment Venues : Mainly Disco Club " were not"
Drive - In movies were still a thing
Who were the presidents during the decade?
Richard Nixon (69-74) Republican
Gerald Ford (74-77) Republican
Jimmy Carter (77-81) Democratic

Fashion in the 70's
1970's PROJECT

What type of clothing was popular during that time period?
Wild Prints, shoes(5inches), Polyester Suits, Short shorts, Skirts, three distinctly lengths, and tie- dyed shirts
Popular accessories?
Peace sign necklaces (long chain) and Hangle braclet
Gold chain of some sort

Popular hairstyles?
Afro Hairstale
Shaggy bairdo
Feathered hair (Farrah Fawcett)
What musicians were popular ?
Musicians: Bee Gees were inescapable.
Rolling Stones, Elvis, Billy Jael, Elton John, Jackson - Fines, ned Zeppelin,

Recreation/ Leisure
Inventions / Technology
Popular Activities:
Dance Clubs & Disco
People also went bowling
Any popular movie star, sports figures ?
Celebrities : John Travoite & Burt Reynolds
Sports Stars: Mohammad AC = Boxing
Jack Nicklaus = Golf
Mark Splitz = Olympics
How was the economy at times ?
The economy was terrible, The Arabs put a oil embargo on the west called the "Arabs Oil Embargo". This made the gas prices go up . This caused American to have stagflation, stagflation is a period with high rate of inflation with an economic recession. Gas prices went from 35 cents to 90 cents per gallon.
What was the unemployment rate?
The unemployment rate went from 3.3% to 8 %
Were there any shortages?
There was a storage in Oil because the Arabs oil embargo, the Oil embargo started when Arab nations got in the war with Israel and America helped Israel win, so the Arab nations reacted with an Oil embargo.
How was the tax rates ?
The tax rate was 46%.
Any political scandals?
Any Wars?
The Cold War proceeded between the United States and Russia.
On April 30, 1975, the Vietnam War officially ended with the Paris Peace Accords.

Major pieces of legislation
War Powers Act of 1973- This act required the president to notify Congress within 48 hours of sending the troops into any military conflict.
Camp David Accords- This was the groundwork for a permanent peace agreement between Egypt and Israel who had been in a state of hostility since 1948. The agreement was negotiated at Jimmy Carter’s Camp David retreat in Maryland.
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution- President Johnson was authorized to use any force in order to try and maintain peace in Southeast Asia. This became known as Johnson’s blank check because of the extended power it provided him.
Other Important Political Events:
Pentagon Papers- A secret study was conducted by the Department of Defense to look into the U.S’s full involvement in the Vietnam War. These reports were copied and released to the public through the New York Times resulting in a significant uproar from the media.

Watergate- On June 17, 1972, burglars broke into the office of the Democratic National Committee in an attempt to steal important documents and also tap into phone lines. It was discovered that these actions were done in an attempt to help Nixon’s re-election. Nixon proceeded to try and cover up the incident by obstructing the investigation and destroying evidence. Once people began to realize Nixon’s involvement, he resigned from office. He was then pardoned by his presidential successor Gerald Ford.

American Diet : " Meat, Potatoes, Vegetables, Rolls, Milk, very basic "
Canned foods
*Dinner & movie was popular.
Song that's play right now:
Carry on Wayward Son
Recreation/ Leisure extra
Tippie culture was dying out in the early part of the decade. Environmental increased.
Movies :
The Godfather
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Stars Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
Taxi Driver
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
TV Shows:
Hawaii Fine - O
All in the Family
The Waltons
Sanford and Son
Happy Days
Charlie's Angels
Little House in the Prairie
60 Minutes
Illustrate difference between men and women

The difference between them was that women's wear short shorts, skirts and dresses which guys didn't wear. But everything else they had the same fashion of clothes.
sARAH c.
Felipe P.
Tyler R.

· Floppy discs invented by Alan Shugart. Help America move into a technology revolution and helped save data.
· Liquid- crystal display invented by James Fergeson.
· VCR gave digital entertainment.
· Word Processor was the first program where people were able to type documents
· Pong was the first videogame.
· Gene Splicing led to growth in GMO’s in food.
· The Ethernet led to wired connection between computers leading to networks. Wired internet.
· Post it notes were invented by Arthur Fry and were used throughout most businesses and offices.
· The laser printer helped revolutionize America because it was easier to print in higher quantity and quality.
· Magnetic Resonance imagery (MRI) was invented by Raymond Damadran. This helped the medical fields because it gave better images of organs. It also eliminates the radioactive particles that X-rays give off.
· Cellphones help Americans be mobile and communicate at the same time.
· The Walkman let people wear headphones and listen to music mobile.
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