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And Then There Were None

No description

Anna Levin

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of And Then There Were None

Elements of this Mystery
suspenseful plot
red herring

List any ten elements that repeat through the novel so far and support each item on the list with two text-based details as evidence (+10) You might choose from:
themes, motifs
repetitive events
characteristics of house guests
emotions of house guests

As you read chapter 4, write nine quiz questions. Choose the most important points of the chapter to quiz and format yours like CAT questions.

After finishing the chapter, write then trade your questions to a member of your group (+9).
Answer the questions you receive in exchange (+27).
Exchange quizzes again, and correct the one you wrote (+9).
Reflection Journal: How did you do? How did your partner do? Are there any reasons for excellent or poor performance? Record your reflection of five or more sentences on the quiz you wrote. (+5)

Ask Agatha Christie 20 open-ended questions that you think only she knows the answer to. She might even answer them later in this novel. (+20)
Will Vera and Lombard get together romantically?

Not a model:
Who will die first?
Who will die second?

Play along, the author will answer you, but it might not be until the end of the novel.
We will discuss your questions as a class.

And Then There Were None
Mystery Unit

Chapter 4 (IV)
Content Goal- (for kinesthetic learners) to gain content knowledge by doing. We will evaluate important story elements, prove comprehension, and reflect on the process.
Language Goal- to write quizzes, to read the chapter, to listen to group members, and to discuss corrections. (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: exonerated (+3)

Chapter 10 - Sociograms
Decide on a shape to represent each of the 10 characters (and Owen). (+10)
Consider including the setting in your drawing.
Draw each character near others to show their relationships (i.e. living, how murdered, alliances/friendships, enemies…) (+10)

Reading Goals
As you read this novel, you will:
1.) Identify clues to make informed predictions.
2.) Analyze characterization to make informed predictions.
3.) Analyze characters and their relationships with each other to demonstrate understanding of cause and effect.
4.) To evaluate characters’ decisions
Pre-Reading Anticipation
Vocabulary Detectives
The following is a list of vocabulary words chosen for this novel; all these words will be assessed on the final.
1. adroitness 16. innocuous
2. ascertain 17. lassitude
3. brethren 18. maudlin
4. capricious 19. mirthless
5. cumbrous 20. palpably
6. earnest 21. perjury
7. exonerated 22. proxy
8. farce 23. raucos
9. fraternizing 24. recrimination
10. furtive 25. red herring
11. idiosyncrasy 26. righteous
12. impious 27. sagacity
13. incongruous 28. surreptitiously
14. indignation 29. tenacious
15. inexorable 30. verismilitude

Vocabulary Detectives Example
When you find these words in the novel, follow this model to format your answers. Notice the parenthetical citation uses the MLA format.
righteousness– (n.) morally right or justifiable; arising from an outraged sense of justice or morality
“Enveloped in an aura of righteousness and unyielding principles, Miss Brent sat in her crowded third-class carriage and triumphed over its discomfort and its heat” (Christie 7).

Setting (Burgh Island, England)
Burgh Island, England
-modern hotel (mansion??)
Chapter 1 (I)
Content Goal- We’re getting to know the ten characters and making inferences about their personalities and pasts.
Language Goal- We will sift through the names and descriptions to make a chart of the important characters. (+2)
Vocabulary Detective: righteousness (+3)

Chapter 1 – Meeting Characters
Fill in the shaded boxes while reading chapter 1, continue the chart through the whole novel as more information becomes available. (+22) This is on the novel’s final.
Chapter 2 (II)
Content Goal- to make connections and get engaged in the characters and plot of the novel
Language Goal- We’ll assess what we know and what we need to learn from this reading. (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: fraternizing, red herring, surreptitious [bonus word: malevolent] (+9)

Chapter 2 – Asking Questions
Chapter 3 (III)
Content Goal- To increase personal connection to the novel through “making connections” journaling.
Language Goal- To write journals, to read the chapter, to listen and discuss connections with cooperative groups. (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: adroitly, verisimilitude (+6)

Chapter 3 – Making Connections
Answer each prompt with a paragraph. Restate the question and use two text based details from chapter 3 in each answer. (+15)
1.) React to characters, events, and conflict.
2.) Make connections to other characters or themes in TV, books, or movies.
3.) Make connections to your own background knowledge or life experiences.
4.) Predict what specific things that will happen to these characters and conflicts in upcoming chapters.
5.) Visualize characters or setting. What do characters look like, what does the house look like, what does the island look like?

Chapter 4 – Quiz Each Other
Chapter 5 (V)
Content Goal- to recognize the elements Agatha Christie repeats to recognize her purpose and literary elements.
Language Goal- read,
write, speak, and listen collaboratively while evaluating important repetitions (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: capricious, indignation (+6)

Chapter 5 – Recurring Elements
Chapter 6 (VI)
Content Goal- We will actively read the text by personalizing passages in a double entry diary.
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively while making connections with text elements (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: none this chapter

Chapter 6 – Double Entry Diary
Fill out this chart with complete quotes and parenthetical citations (+8) and your connections to the text (+8).

Chapter 7 (VII)
Content Goal- to write CAT questions to check our knowledge and analyze the events and characters.
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively while creating and answering CAT questions (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: none this chapter

Chapter 7- CAT Questions
Write 10 CAT-like questions (+10) to be answered by a peer in this class (+30). Make sure your peer answers the questions fully so you can earn full credit.
1. Theme
2. Summary
3. Inference
4. Prediction
5. Conflict
6. Compare/contrast
7. Cause-effect
8. Author’s purpose
9. Was _____’s decision to _______ a good idea?
10. Compare novel to another book or movie cite 2…

Chapter 8 (VIII)
Content Goal- to select most important details from the full text to summarize thoroughly
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively while evaluating important plot elements (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: indignation, righteous [both are repeats], furtive, proxy (+6)

Chapter 8 – Selective Notes
Write down 3 sentences per page of chapter 8 to make a complete summary of the chapter and fill your paper. You could add wording between your quotes so the summary flows. (16 pages) Another way to look at this is: write a summary of chapter 8 using 48 text-based details. (+48)
Example of page 109 summary:
You don’t think this Owen’s idea might be to do this job by proxy? Young Mr. Marston gets the wind up and poisons himself. Cyanide- not a natural thing to be carrying about.

Chapter 9 (IX)
Content Goal- to understand elements the author makes obvious versus ones she wants you to think about more.
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively while thinking critically about the text (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: exonerated (repeated), idiosyncrasy, mirthless, perjury, recrimination (+12)

Chapter 9 – Question-Answer Relationships
Answer these twelve questions. (+12)
Content Goal- to analyze the relationships between all the characters (dead or alive) to reassess who U.N. Owen is.
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively while analyzing character interactions (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: surreptitiously [repeated], tenacious (+3)
Chapter 11 (XI)
Content Goal- to use clues Agatha Christie puts in the text to infer information about the living characters
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively to draw conclusions (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: perjury (repeat), ascertain, earnest, impious (+9)
Chapter 11 – Inferential Conclusions
Chapter 12 (XII)
Content Goal- We will draw conclusions about characters, events, and conflicts based on information from this chapter.
Language Goal- We will read the chapter, write our conclusions, listen to group members’ conclusions, and discuss our own. (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: cumbrous (+3)
Chapter 12 – Drawing Conclusions
Chapter 13 (XIII)
Content Goal- to pay particular attention to details surrounding Justice Wargrave and make inferences
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively to critically analyze characterize (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: none this chapter

Chapter 13 – Character Study
put 2 text-based details in each box (no repeats) (+16)
Chapter 14 (XIV)
Content Goal- to make connections to prior knowledge, summarize, and make predictions
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively while predicting the conclusion of the novel (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: farce, sagacity (+6)
Chapter 14 – My Own Think Aloud
Answer these questions by restating the question a supporting each answer with two text-based details. (+15)
1. Connection to prior knowledge:
A few things I already knew about this (character, weapon, poem) are…
2. Summary:
One way of saying what has happened in this chapter is… (beginning, middle, and end)
3. Mental image:
In my mind, I see…
4. Prediction:
In chapters 15-16, I predict that…
5. Question:
One question I’ve had since the beginning that I think will be answer in chapter 15-16 is…

Chapters 15-16 (XV-XVI)
Content Goal- to make predictions before and after these chapters; to track plot elements during chapters 15-16
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively about the novel’s resolution (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: adroit [repeat], innocuous, lassitude, raucous (+9)
Chapter 15-16 – Cliffhanger
Epilogue (Chapter 17)
Content Goal-to put all the pieces of the plot together
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively to review the novel’s plot (from the police perspective) (+2)
Vocabulary Detectives: none this chapter
Epilogue – C.S.I. Crime timeline
(use this chapter to complete your character chart) (+14)
Manuscript (Chapter 18)
Content Goal- to evaluate critical questions presented by the chapter’s narrator
Language Goal- read, write, speak, and listen collaboratively and support answers with specific text-based details
Vocabulary Detectives: brethren, incongruous, inexorable, maudlin, palpably (+15)
Critical Questions Chart Post-Reading
Chapter 10 (X)
Critical Questions Chart Post-Reading
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