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Sports in the 1920s

No description

Ji Mach

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Sports in the 1920s

The Golden Age of Sports 1920s Baseball in the 1920s Football in the 1920s Tennis in the 1920s Born in February 6, 1895, Baltimore, Maryland
George Herman Ruth aka Babe Ruth was one of the most icons in the history of baseball player who make a record of the Major League Baseball.

In 1916 Ruth helped the Boston Red Sox win 23 games as a pitcher in the American League Pennant

In 1920 he was bought by the New York Yankees where he switched to the outfield
In his first year with the Yankees smacked a total of 54 home runs called "The Great Bambino" become the MLB player Jack Dempsey born in June 24, 1895 in Manassa, Colorado
Victorious over 80 professional boxer at the age of 24

Fight against Jess Willard in Ohio for Championship became later the hero of boxing

Jack Dempsey the first All-American boxer who shaped the world of boxing who make million of dollar because of boxing Born June 13, 1903, Forksville, Pennsylvania, U.S

Red Grange was the first professional athlete football player as the time make sports become the new national sports in the country

Star in high school in track, football, basketball, and baseball

Played in Wheaton high school for training and join the University of Illinois football teams become the national sports hero
Grange and the Chicago Bears set an all-time record for football game crowd of seventy-five thousand Born in October 06, 1905 Centreville, California
Helen Wills was one of the first female star in the history when she was only 17 year old
Will began her tennis career at age 13, developing her skills by against men
Won 31 Grand Slan title and two Olympic gold metals and winning 50 of 51 matches on the British grass courts
Ranked No.1 as the international Tennis Hall of Frame The change of sports growing popularity in the 1920s helped the society change and more jobs are available for men and women. Most of this sports are included baseball, tennis, golf, swimming, football, and boxing. The Golden Age of Sports led the legend into the crow of fan to the peaked interest sports in U.S. Beginning of Sports Boxing was so successful in this period of time that peaked the interest in sports for young men and children also women who take advantage of interest in boxing Swimming in the 1920s Born in October 23, 1906 in New York Gertrude Ederle complete her first year of high school then dropping out
Training with the Women's Swimming Association of New York set the swimmingworld record
Gertrude Ederle was the first women to swim cross the English Channel about 35 miles
It took her 14 hours and 31 minutes to finish when she only nineteen years old Golf in the 1920s Bobby Jones was born March 17, 1902, in Atlanta The greatest golfer at the time who won many championship including five U.S. Amateurs, four U.S. Opens, three British Opens, and one British Amateur In one season won all four major title and complete the Grand Slam of golf Spending time with family on vacation each summer therefore to learn how to played golf and improve his skill by himself later became professional Boxing in the 1920s Impact of Radio on Sports One of the greatest technology impact the most on sports
radio because millions of fans set their daily schedules listening to the game from far away
The radio has ability and skill that other cannot match because it the connection of the audience and the sports
Besides that the radio peoples could listen anywhere they go like home, work, exercise, and drive on the road
The radio bring many news to the audience who want to invovle in the
game by listening to the radio to get the final result http://www.americansportscastersonline.com/radiohistory.html
http://1920s-entertainment.weebly.com/sports.html Sports Quiz How sports change U.S women role through sports? Who was the first women become star as the No.1 ranked of Tennis Hall of Frame? What technology had the greatest impact on sports? How did peoples get involve with the game when their was far away from the field? R A)Tv B)Phone C)Radio A)Helen Wills B)Babe Ruth C)Gertrude Ederle A)Listen to radio B)Waiting till game over C)Watch tv A)womens able to work and free to go out join men sports B)Womens stay home take care of their home C)Womens raise their kids Who was the first professional football and what team did he played? A)Red Grange,Chicago Bear B)Babe Ruth, New York Yankees C)Helen Wills, Tennis Hall of Frame
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