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20 things 'bout Patsy G.

20 interesting facts about me

Patsy Garcia

on 19 April 2011

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Transcript of 20 things 'bout Patsy G.

Patsy Garcia Basketball is my favorite sport Most Disney channel shows irritate me... I like chinese food. 13 is my lucky number I think sunsets are pretty I hate macaroni salad! Winter is my least favorite season My favorite hobbies are
playing sports
hanging out
eating good food I have a big family Green is my favorite color My favorite flower is a magnolian blossom Nike is my favorite brand Im very competitive Grand theft auto is the video game im the best at Alona sits next to me in the computer lab I dont like pokemon or yogio or any of those other weird card games I've never really been shy I like blasting my music when I listen to it Chump is my favorite word
When I can drive, I want a big truck so I can scare people when I drive by. patsy garcia
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