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The Life of

No description

Jenn McT

on 25 November 2015

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Transcript of The Life of

Legal Process
Michael McTaggart
Nickname: Subway Elvis
Born in 1954 in Etobicoke, Ontario
Early passion for Elvis Music
Performed in Yonge Subway Station
Sergeant Rod Wilson
Michael McTaggart
The Life of
By: Jennifer McTaggart
Conviction 1
Conviction 2
Conviction 3
Nondisclosure of Evidence
The Crown
Malicious Prosecution

Wrongful Conviction
Review of Case
Michael McTaggart
No victim named
Crime locations: Toronto, Halton, Kitchener, Waterloo and Woodbridge
Sentence: 5 years
Time served: 20 months
Legal steps not followed: Tunnel vision, failure to provide evidence
Factors leading to release: Hidden notebook
Compensation: $380,000
February 17
Toronto’s Kipling Subway Station
Armed robbery
No facts regarding the details of the robbery
Anonymous Victims
Convicted of participating in 2 more armed robberies
2 trials are held for the Burlington robberies
Subway is convicted on 2 of the robberies
Sentenced to five years in jail at Millhaven
Out on bail pending an appeal
Begins performing with the Slammers
Armed robber strikes in Woodbridge
Arrested two days later at his mother's house
Spends another eight and a half months in jail
McTaggart is exonerated
Forges a series of cheques on his mother's account
Loses $30,000 of this at the Greenwood Racetrack
Spends three months in jail for fraud.
1988- appeal pending
1990- spends another 8 1/2 months in jail for fraud
Exonerated after 20 months in jail
Proven innocent
More than 2 years living under bail conditions
What Went Wrong
Breach in rights of the police
Heists had continued while McTaggart was in jail
Failure to provide all evidence
Tunnel Vision
Faulty legal process
Hostility towards accused
Coup de Grace
Lawsuit for 4.25 million
Robbed of his 2 greatest gifts in life: music and golf
Mental torture
Broken man
Left with panic disorder, stomach ulcers, and insomnia
Lawsuits cost over $100,000
$1 milliion in accumulated legal fees
Compensated with $380,000

"I feel as strongly as any human being could that I was cheated out of a fair trial. It should be a $5-million mistake that goes down in history."
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