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Copy of World War I

United States Entrance Into World War I, United States Homefront During World War I, and Outcomes of World War I.

Heather McCumber

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of World War I

The United States and
World War I Causes of World War I Balkan Countries Struggling for Independence
Militarism - Glorification of Military Strength
Alliances Italy, Germany, and Austria-Hungary
Great Britain, France, Russia, and Belgium The WAr Begins Austro-Hungarian, Archduke Franz Ferdinand is Assassinated
Central Powers v. Allied Powers Germany Attack France
Strand Great Britain
Attack Russia Trench War Fare New Military Weaponry United States Neutrality Wilson's Stated it Was Europe's War Neutrality Challenged U-Boat Attacks the Lusitania
128 Americans Killed
Angered American Population
Germany Breaks Sussex Pledge
Zimmerman Note - German Alliance with Mexico Machine Guns
Poison Gas
Airplanes U.S. Joins the War Selective Service Act - Conscription (Draft)
Troop Readiness Lacking
Training John J. Pershing
Led the American Expeditionary Force (AEF)
First Troops ReachedFrance in 1917 United States Homefront Women Volunteering - 19th Amendment
Economics - Liberty Bonds, Victory Bonds, and Increased Taxes
Resources - Wheatless, Meatless, and Heatless Days
Production - War Industries Board, National War Labor Board, and Volunteerism Influencing Public Opinion Committee on Public Information
Espionage and Sedition Act The War's End and Aftermath Russian Revolution
American Entrance Wilson's 14 Points
League of Nations
Treaty of Versailles
Global Impact http://blabberize.com/view/id/366957 Germany, Austria-Hungary,Ottoman Empire, & Bulgaria Britain, France, & Russsia
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