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Colonization of Georgia

No description

lindsey levie

on 23 August 2017

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Transcript of Colonization of Georgia

Founder of Georgia
Member of the British Parliament
General in the British Military
James Oglethorpe
He is the King of Great Britain
He gave Oglethorpe permission to create Georgia
He wanted to start colonies to make money
King George
Worthy Poor
Oglethorpe was a Humanitarian.
He had a friend that had died in a debtors prison.
He wanted to start the colony of Georgia to help the worthy poor.
King George wanted to use GA as a buffer between the British colony of South Carolina and the Spanish colony of Florida.
Great Britain wanted to make money off of the colonies.
The Georgia colony is located at the same latitude as China, so King George thought that Georgia could produce the same type of goods.
Silk -
Colonists were required to plant Mulberry Trees.
Dyes -

This is known as Mercantilism.
The colonies would produce raw materials which would be sent back to England for manufacturing. The manufactured goods would then be sold around the globe.
In 1732 Great Britain was becoming a world power. It had established 12 colonies in North America and needed to expand further. James Oglethorpe approached King George II with a plan to form the new colony of Georgia.
Reasons to Start the Georgia Colony
On November 1732, James Oglethorpe set sail on the ship Ann with 114 men, women, and children to start the new colony.
On February 12, 1733, they arrived at Yamacraw Bluff, the site of present day Savannah.
King George agrees to give Oglethorpe permission to settle the colony of GA.
Charter of 1732
It gave Oglethorpe and the trustees control of the colony for 20 years.
It set the boundaries of the new colony.
It set up the rules of colony.
Oglethorpe got permission to build Savannah at Yamacraw Bluff from the Creek Chief Tomochichi.
Oglethorpe used Mary Musgrove, the wife of a local trader, as a interpreter.
With the help of slaves from South Carolina, the colonists started to clear Yamacraw Bluff in preparation of building Savannah.
In this early picture you can see that Savannah was laid out in a grid. You can also see the bluff that it was built on.
GA's first religious refugees from Germany.
They built the settlement of Ebenezer.
They wanted to build a colony that did not have slavery or plantation agriculture.
They built the only successful silk mill in GA.
They supported the trustees ban on slavery and limits on land ownership.
Highland Scots
They built the settlement of Darien at the mouth of the Altamaha River.
They were brought to GA to provide military support against the Spanish in Florida.
They helped Oglethorpe defeat the Spanish at the Battle of Bloody Marsh.
They did not want slavery in the GA colony.
Fort Frederica was located on St. Simons Island.
The Highland Scots provided the soldiers for this fort.
They fought the Battle of Bloody Marsh on St. Simons Island. This was the only battle fought between the Spanish and English in GA.
Under the Trustee rule the colony of Georgia was fulfilling its role.
Military - The Highland Scots had defeated the Spanish at the Battle of Bloody Marsh.
Economic - The Colony was slowly starting to provide the Raw Materials to England (mercantilism).
Social/Charity - Georgia provided a safe have for religious refugees.
However the Trustees made some laws that many of the new colonists did not like.
No Slaves
No Alcohol
No Catholics
Limits on Land ownership
There was a very vocal group that wanted to get rid of the Trustees. They were known as the
The Malcontents wanted GA to end its trustee period and become a Royal Colony.
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