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Job Searching

No description

Christine Montgomery

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Job Searching

Job Search Orientation
How to "sell" yourself to an employer
Where to find the jobs
job postings vs. "the hidden job market"
We can help...
Want to work?
New Canadians' Centre of Excellence Inc.
24 Oak Street East
Unit 7
Leamington, ON
Finding a job isn't easy...
Presented by:
Christine Montgomery
Labour Market Information and Referral Specialist
New Canadians' Centre of Excellence Inc.

# 1 - Know who you are and what you can do:
The Elevator Speech
Next...prepare for the interview!
The top 5 questions most likely to be asked at a job interview:
#1 - Tell me about yourself
#2 - Why did you leave your last job?
#3 - What do you know about our company?
#4 - Why do you want to work for us?
#5 - Tell me about your experience at ________
33% of bosses claim that they know within the
first 90 seconds
of an interview whether
they will hire someone!
The most common mistakes made at a job interview
#2 - Failing to set yourself apart from other candidates
#3 - "WINGING" the interview
#4 - Trying to be all things to all people
#5 - Concentrating too much ON WHAT YOU WANT
#6 - INADEQUATE RESEARCH about the employer
#7 - Not showing enough interest or enthusiasm
#8 - Lacking humour, warmth or personality

Most common non-verbal mistakes made at job interviews
#1 - Failure to make eye contact
#2 - Having little or no knowledge of the company
#3 - Lack of smile
#4 - Bad posture
#5 - Fidgeting too much
50 - 90 % of all jobs in Canada are NOT ADVERTISED
Applying for a job
1. Give your resume to the manager.
2. Follow up.
No response?
Don't give up - do it again!
After the interview:

Send a thank you letter to the interviewer via snail mail or e-mail.
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