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Copy of Logo Design

My Year 8 Graphics Task

Harrison Newman

on 16 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Logo Design

A Logo is...
Swing Tag

Term 1 Weeks 1-10

San Francisco
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr

A Logo is a graphically designed emblem
or mark that are used by companies in; television, billboards, labeling, clothing, shopping bags, Cars, Electronics and many more things.
This is so the public can intantly recognise that company when buying one of their products.
Some Logos carry great esteem, which atracts consumers to that product, because when people see that logo, they will think of that company and its values.
Companies always spend alot of time investing money into making a good logo
Design Limitations are important,
without them, our projects would
fail and we wouldn't do everything right.
Like the amount of time we had e.t.c
The Programs we use and the materials and items we use.
What Work we do and where, like in class or in school time, and what time we do that work.
Losing time at school because of events or excersions, can limit us on the time we have, like Open Day (23rd of March) we will lose a double lesson :(
Here's another example
of some famous logos
and how they have developed...
Here's an Example
Design Brief
Don't know what a Logo is?
Its The APPLE Logo!!! :)
Your Probably also wondering what a
Swing Tag is as well...

A swing tag is the tag that swings from a piece clothing. It is different to the care label (care label is attached on the inside of the garment with information about how to take care of it and flammiblity warnings). It has the brand/logo printed on it, the price, the size, the name of the garment, etc.
A swing tag is...
A well designed graphic image for a logo and swing tag will...
1. Not be pixelated or poorly coloured
2. Have a good flow to it, not be abrubt in the colour change
3. The swing tag will be made from the right materials.
4. The swing tag clearly have the right items shown on it:
Barcode, where the item was made, the logo e.t.c
Criteria For Success
Logo's and Swingtags are an important
part of clothing, as they are attached
and printed on clothing and represent
the company they are manufactured
And thats exactly what we had to do.
We had to design our own Logo, and
Swing Tag.
From 8y (8t)
Here's an example of a swing tag:
Heres A PMI on some well known Logo's
Logo Names:
1. Mr Chuckles
2. Epic Ninjas
3. Trolololol
4. hardwear
5. FireCube

Here are my Sketchs fror my Logo:
Heres it finished:
Heres the Final Sketch:
The Barcode:
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