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No description

Katie Walther

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of GenYes!

Generation YES! Recording School Events What is GenYES? GenYES is an internship for students interested in helping others and
working with the technology of today.

In other words, we're the Geek Squad
of the school What have we accomplished?
We have stopped recording them due to how many we have received
This year is incalculable!
GenYES Website to keep track of TAPS Learning Who do we serve? Teachers
School Board
Community Anyone who needs technology help. Goals of members Competitions Hardware Help?! Computer & laptop
Smart Boards
LCD projectors
DVD & VCR Promotions
IT College and Career plans
A desire to learn
Enjoyment in helping others Software and Web 2.0 Help
Google Earth
Google Sketch-up
Adobe Premier Any questions? We Are the Press! Cameras and Photoshop Video productions Auditorium Video Editing Teaching Assistants Started out as amateurs
becoming pros. Work tech into teacher's lessons
Help struggling students. Take photos of school events
Maintain equipment
Communications intern
Yearbook assitance Gen Yes members come to weekly meetings to learn new programs and skills.
Guest teachers
Student teachers http://canjohs.genyes.org/taps/new Can help with Sound board
Stage Management And lots more Lighting Total of 322 recorded TAPS
last year alone!
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