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Britt Zieg

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Beowulf

"Beowulf" - translated by Burton Raffel
The Monsters' Lair
Battle with Grendel's Mother
“A brilliant/ Light burned all around him, the lake/ Itself like a fiery flame” (ll 489-491).
Battle with Grendel's Mother
“The sword was wet/ With her blood, and Beowulf rejoiced at the sight/ The brilliant light shone suddenly,/ As though burning in that hall, and as bright as Heaven’s/ Own candle, lit in the sky” (ll 541-545).
Cassandra, Kelsey, Brittlyn & Holly
The Spoils & The Farewell
The Wrath of Grendel & The Coming of Beowulf
Anglo-Saxon Time Period
As the character Beowulf displays throughout the epic, people must learn to:
Love one another
Act responsively
Be faithful to one another
"Then they sailed, set their ship / Out on the waves, under the cliffs. / Ready for what came they wound through the currents, / The seas beating at the sand, and were borne / In the lap of their shining ship, lined / With gleaming armour, going safely / In that oak-hard boat to where their hearts took them" (ll 125-131).
"It isn't far, nor is it / A pleasant spot! When the wind stirs / And storms, waves splash towards the sky, / As dark as the air, as black as the rain / That the heavens weep" (ll 438-442).
“Grendel snatched at the first Geat/ He came to, ripped him apart, cut/ His body to bits with powerful jaws,/ Drank the blood from his veins and bolted/ Him down, hands and feet: death/ And Grendel’s great teeth came together,/ Snapping life shut.” ( ll 314-320)
"And so Beowulf's followers / Rode, mourning their beloved leader, / Crying that no better King had ever / Lived, no prince so mild, no man / So open to his people, so deserving of praise" (ll 865-869).
“He twisted in pain, / And the bleeding sinews deep in his shoulder/ Snapped, muscle and bone split/ And broke.” (ll 389-392)
"That shepherd of evil, guardian of crime, / Knew at one that nowhere on earth/ Had he met a man whose hands were harder; / His mind was flooded with fear! – but nothing/ Could take his talons and himself from that tight/ Hard grip.” (ll 325-330)
“He who had come to them from across the sea, / Bold and strong-minded, had driven affliction/ Off, purged Herot clean.” (ll 399-401)
The Last Battle
The Last Battle
The Last Battle
“Out from the marsh, from the foot of misty,/ Hills and bogs, bearing God’s hatred,/ Grendel came, hoping to kill/ Anyone he could trap on his trip to high Herot.” (ll 285-288)
"No man but me / could hope to defeat this monster. No one / Could try. And this dragon's treasure, his gold / And everything hidden in that tower, will be mine / Or war will sweep me to a bitter death" (ll 645-649).
I'd rather burn myself than see / Flames swirling around my lord" (763-764).
"Wextan's son / And a good soldier; his family had been Swedish, / Once. Watching Beowulf, he could see / How his king was suffering, burning" (ll 714-717).
"'I've never known fear, as a youth I fought / In endless battles. I am old, now, / But I will fight again, seek fame still, / If the dragon hiding in the tower dares / To face me'" (ll 624-628).
"'I'd use no sword, no weapon, if this beast / Could be killed without it, crushed to death / Like Grendel, gripped in my hands and torn / Limb from limb. But his breath will be burning / Hot, poison will pour from his tongue. / I feel no shame, with shield and sword'" (ll 630-635).

Battle with Grendel's Mother
“A heavy/ Sword, hammered by giants, strong/ And blessed with their magic, the best of all weapons/ But so massive that no ordinary man could lift/ its carved and decorated length” (ll 530-534).
Battle with Grendel's Mother
“Then be, O generous prince, forever/ The father and protector of all whom I leave/ Behind me, here in your hands, my beloved/ Comrades left with no leader, their leader/ Dead” (ll 453-457).
Battle with Grendel's Mother
“Saw the waves surging and blood/ Spurting through” (ll 565-566).
“Then he stopped, seeing the hall/ Crowded with sleeping warriors,” (ll 302-303)
The Battle With Grendel
The Battle With Grendel
The Battle With Grendel
The Battle With Grendel
The Battle With Grendel
The Battle With Grendel
The Battle With Grendel
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