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The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

No description

Ally Brown

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop

Point Of View:
This story is told in third person.
The twins and their family move into their dead uncles magical house.Starting from the Spoffard chocolate workshop, Lily, Oz, and Caydon go on amazing magical adventures. Suddenly, Oz is kidnapped by Isadore on an adventure in a pond, and a quest must be set to find him. Throughout the book, the quest for Oz goes in many different directions.The three kids have to save baby Daisy, who's not even born yet...


Work Experience
The amazing sequel to this book is called The Curse of the Chocolate Phoenix.
SMU stands for:Secret Ministry of the Unexplained.
The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop
By:Kate Saunders
The Plot
The golden molds were used by the Spoffard triplets to make the chocolate. The triplets all had there own molds, but Isadore murdered his brothers. One mold is deep in a pond, where his brother was killed. Knowing that Isadore would do no good with it, the SMU must take off quickly to get it. The SMU does get it, but...
The Climax:
The climax of this book is when Oz sees what will happen to his new baby sister Daisy in the near future. He discovers this at the hideout in Jamaica.
I'm not going to tell you what Oz saw about Daisy because that will give away the ending, a total surprise ending!
This book was recommended to me by my teacher. At first I wasn't sure if I liked it, since I'm not a big fan of fantasy, but I was very entertained by this book.

Lily is an eleven-year old girl
with dyslexia. She doesn't
know it in the beginning, but
she has magical powers. She
is very shy and scared, and
usually questions herself.

The setting of this book is modern times,and
takes place in London during school holiday.
The setting is modern times in London, during the summer.
Oz is Lily's genius twin who's very talented at the violin. He's much more adventurous than Lily, but I
thought he was a little nervous at some points. He helped Isadore change a lot during this book.
Caydon is a very brave eleven-year old, and lives across the street from the twins. He quickly becomes Oz's friend, and usually bickers with Lily.
Spike is an immortal, magical rat that works
at the SMU agency, and has been around for
a long time.He lives in the hidden flat in the
twins house.
Demera is also an immotal, magical
animal who works for the SMU. She
is completely stubborn, and always
wants food. She wants everything done
her way, but is very nice to the twins,
especially Lily.
Isadore is the twins evil immortal uncle
that's trying to take the chocolate molds
from the SMU. However, through the help
of Oz, he changes a lot during he book.
The Spoffard house
Inside the house, there is the spoffard chocolate workshop.
This is where the threesome need to place the chocolate mold that they're missing.
Oz was kidnapped by his evil uncle and is now trapped in his hidden layer!
Oz is held hostage by Isadore so he can get his chocolate
mold from the SMU. Lily was extremely upset and so nervous about her brother. Oz was very uncomfortable at this house, and all he wanted to do was go home.
The major conflict of this book is Isadore V.S. The SMU agents. This conflict is an example of Man V.S. Man.
If you enjoyed The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop, you should definitely continue to read the sequel.
Thank you for Watching!
The SMU has to search for Isadore's hideout, and it is very hard to find. After an emergency, they have to leave to go to the other hideout in Jamaica.
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