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Issy is cool

No description

Portia De Savi

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Issy is cool

-Depressing when you are unable to help
-Time consuming
-Long hours
-A great deal of responsibility
-Managed care means more difficulty earning a high salary
- Delivering heartbraking news
- Make life changing decisions

•Ability to provide service and support to others
•Save lives
•Continuous learning
•Opportunity to appreciate medical science
•Teach students and patients about medicine
•Decent salary
•High status occupation

Skills Required be a Successful Doctor
Interested in science and maths
Committed to ongoing learning
Interpersonal skills
Analytical and logical mind
Decisive and calm under pressure
There are many tools involved in medicine that test the function of organs, and assist with procedures and operations.
To qualify as a doctor in South Australia you need to complete a 6 year undergraduate degree or a 4 year post graduate degree. Graduates then complete an intern year before they can work as doctors.
At a young age I showed an interest in medicine due to my dad being a GP. I am very interested in becoming a doctor in the future and chose to research this to find out more and teach others about it. I decided to focus on the general practitioner because they deal with a wide range of problems.
Wear gloves and regularly wash hands.
A mask, gown, and goggles to stop the spread of disease
Sharps are kept in a box
Highly specific protocols for certain procedures

Duress alarm
Safety Precautions
•Ability to provide service and support to others
•Save lives
•Continuous learning
•Teach students and patients about medicine
•Decent salary
•High status occupation

•Having to deal with death, trauma and challenging patients
•Depressing when you are unable to help
•Time consuming
•Sometimes long hours
•A great deal of responsibility
•Sacrifices need to be made

Reflex Hammer
Blood Pressure Meter
Measuring Tape
The ultimate goal for many GP's is owning their own successful practice. For some it is finding a balance between work and free time. The ultimate position often depends on the needs of the doctor.
The Ultimate Position
Working as a qualified GP involves seeing patients in order to relieve symptoms and manage medical conditions in order to prolong and improve quality of life.
The job involves working in one main place. However, there are numerous environments where GP's can work, such as ships, the outback, mobile offices and a small offices in the city. When working, there is only one main office were most work is completed and patients are seen.
Work Environments
Job Description
Positive Aspects of Being a Doctor
Negative Aspects of Being a Doctor
Thanks for Listening
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