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World History 10- Ch. 20 Sec 2 European Nations Settle North America

French, English, and Dutch

Jon Ammerman

on 21 September 2011

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Transcript of World History 10- Ch. 20 Sec 2 European Nations Settle North America

European Nations Settle North America Treaty of Tordesillas
(Remember this?) Not enforceable
-Search for the N.W. Passage
Dutch, English, French
French & Dutch cooperative
English.. not so much France
- Est. Trade with Natives
- Sparsely populated (religious conversion, trade)
Explorers est. New France
- St. Lawrence
- Mont Real
- Founds Quebec
Marquette, Joliet, La Salle
- All have part in exploring Mississippi River and Great Lakes Region
- Populate and colonize
- Religious conversion
(1607) Jamestown- 1st Permanent Settlement

‘New England’
(1620) Pilgrims- Plymouth, Mass.
- Persecuted, Religious Freedom
(1630) Puritans- Massachusetts Bay
- Freedom from Anglican church
- Dutch West India Company
- Trade Henry Hudson (1609)
- Hudson Bay, Hudson River

Trading Posts at Fort Orange (Albany) & Manhattan Island
English Expansion Leads to Conflict
- Dutch Out in New Netherlands
- French Indian War
(Part of the Seven Years War)
- First, Mercantilism
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