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Le Morte d'Arthur

the story of king Arthur from his rise to his dead.

Richard T.

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Le Morte d'Arthur

Le Morte d'Arthur L. Hu
C. van Vlier
S. van den Broek
R. Tessensohn Author Sir Thomas Mallory of Newbold Revel, born approximately 1405 - died 14 March 1471 English writer, author or compiler of Le Morte d'Arthur

Knighted in 1442 and member of the British parliment from 1445.Sentenced to captivity for murder and other crimes in 1450.

Wrote Le Morte d'Arhtur while in captivity. Period Story : Old English period Story written in Middle English period, the story however takes place in Old English period. Saxons invading England +/- 500-600 A.D Characters Arthur Pendragon
Morgan le Fay
Uther Pendragon
Merlin the Wizard
Sir Gareth
Lady of the Lake
Queen Guineverre Sir Lancelot du Lac
Sir Galahad
Sir Bors
Sir Percival
Sir Mordred
Sir Gawain
Sir Tristam Summary Literary forms and devices Literary forms:

Literary devices:
Allegory Title The Rise of King Arthur
The making of Sir Gareth
The story of Sir Tristam
The search for the Holy Grail
Sir Lancelot and Queen Guineverre
The Death of King Arthur Most sources that Mallory found for Le Morte d'Arthur were French with only one or two in English Writing style Not smooth transitions
"ye" The End

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