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Air Pollution in Hong Kong

No description

Althea Dipti Ho Tewani

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Air Pollution in Hong Kong

How does it affect us ?? Central Idea: Our descions and actions have a impact on the society and the enviroment Air Pollution In Hong Kong Why is this issue important? Air Pollution is a very important issue.The government is not doing anything to reduce Air Pollution. Air Pollution contains health issues that affect everyone in Hong Kong and reduces lifespan to 2-3 years. What is our goal? Our team's goal is to persuade the Hong Kong government to help save Hong Kong from the Air pollution that we produce, and give clean air for everyone to breathe. The Hong Kong government is not doing anything,(but we're sure they will do something) instead they are wasting their money for business and gambling. We don't ONLY want the government to understand, we also want the government to understand that Air Pollution is a very serious problem, and want to tell them that if the government is not doing anything we can't sit hoplessly we can also make a diiference and make it a large (without the government help) by turning off electrical appliances when not used etc. That is why we are trying to prove that air pollution in Hong Kong is a more serious matter than business and gambling. What are our roles?
Kaye Wong - Researcher and Team Leader
Dipti Tewani - Researcher and Planner
Althea Ho - Researcher and Organizer
Candy Wong - Researcher and Organizer
Natalie Chow - Researcher and Note Taker What are our MAIN questions? What is the government's responsibility towards air pollution?
What does the government think about the air pollution in Hong Kong?
Who's responsibility is it to reduce air pollution?
How do we measure air pollution and greenhouse gases?
What action is the government taking if the sky is still so grey and foggy?
What does the public think about air pollution?
What are some often places roadside emissions cause air pollution?
How can we prove that Hong Kong has more pollution than other countries?
What is the diffence between Euro 1 and Euro 5?
How does a air pollution index machine work?

What do we aldready know? Air Pollution in Hong Kong is very serious matter.
Air Pollution is caused by smoking, factories and vehicles.
1/5 of people who live in Hong Kong want to migrate to other countries, because of Air Pollution.
The main cause of air pollution are factories, power stations,and buses roadside- emissions.
Air Pollution can cause Brain damage, heart damage,and lung damage espically on unborn children and young children.
On average 3 people die under situation of Air Pollution.
Because the electricity the power stations produce for us. They have to burn more fuel. That will make greenhouse gases and smoke.The world will get warmer and warmer.
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